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Window Installation Essex

Our team has carried out many uPVC window installations in Essex.  This article provides you with our most interesting window installation achievements.  Some of these projects tell you handy advice and tips regarding window selection, insulation and building regulations.  Warton Woodworks can supply and fit any type of window, in any material you like.

project 1.  Casement & Bay Window Installation Essex

Dining room finished

Location of job:

Basildon Essex.

What was replaced:

5 windows were replaced.  One involves replacement of a bay window.  A new front door was also installed.

This bungalows soffits and guttering was replaced too.  However, this was completed before the window installations.

Details of the work carried out:

The team first replaced an old aluminium framed bay window.  A brand new uPVC 6 panelled double glazed window was fitted.  The new window was rated A for thermal efficiency.  We then replaced 3 casement aluminium framed windows for new uPVC windows.  Each of these windows was A rated too.

Finally, we replaced an old uPVC front door for a composite one.  All windows and doors were screwed in securely.  High quality insulating foam was used to seal any gaps.  We finished off with cladding and mold resistant silicone sealant.  The job was then signed of by building control.  The customer says it is much warmer in his house now.

The old bay aluminium framed window used to suffer from condensation.  This was due to worn seals resulting in water leaks.  Aluminium frames are not a great insulator either.  This creates a cold surface for moisture to condensate on.  The new bay window looks great and will last for many years to come.

When we removed the cladding above the old bay window, we was shocked to find no insulation within the cavity.  Before fitting the new cladding, we ensured there was celotex insulation installed.

Images of work carried out:

Below is an image of the old aluminium framed bay window.  The cladding above is constructed from wood.  Behind this wood was a hollow cavity.

Bay Window Before

The bay window above was completely removed


Bay Window After

We then fitted a new bay window.

This is shown in the image below.  We installed celotex insulation behind the new cladding.

Bay Window installation essex

Insulating around the Bay Window

The walls around this bay window were single skin only.  We increased the thermal efficiency of this window by installing insulated plaster board to the walls around it.  In addition to this fibre glass wool was fitting inside the ceiling above it.  Our efforts to insulated around this bay window payed off, because it has prevented in damp from forming on the internal walls.  Read this article for a step by step guide to bay window insulating

Bay window insulation

bay window overall 2

Bay window insulated

Dining room

Installation of new Casement Windows

Below is an image of a casement window that was installed.  This window has dummy sashes on the outside to ensure all window panes are inline.

We will be updating this article with more Window Installation Essex Projects

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Window Installation Essex
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