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Woodworking Joints

Every carpenter and joiner should know about woodworking joints.  This article explains each woodworking joint in detail.  The ability of joining two pieces of wood together is the foundation of wooden construction.  Without this vital knowledge it would be difficult to construct wooden structures that are strong and durable.

The type of joint a woodworker would use depends upon the application.

Basic But Joint

Everyone would agree this is the most basic woodworking joint our there.  It is nothing more than when one piece of wood butt onto another.  The best way of connecting a butt joint is at right angles, or square to the other piece of wood).  The butt joint is then secured using screws or nails. It is common to see butt joints for wall framing on construction sites. → Read more

Secret Rooms in Houses

There is something intriguing about secret rooms in houses.  If done correctly hidden passages can provide visitors with excitement, with the sense of entering the unknown.  Recently a customer of ours asked for a hidden room within a wardrobe.

What are the Best Secret Rooms in Houses?

Bedrooms are are popular choice for secret rooms.  A secret room built into a cupboard can be a great storage for clothes shoes and valuable possessions.  Secret rooms that are built into cupboards would be similar to a walk in wardrobe, except they are hidden.  It is also the ideal place to hide if an intruder enters your house in the night.  Here are some other secret room ideas:

Library leading into secret room via a bookcase Living room fireplace leading into a secret room Trap door in the floor leading to a secret room A workshop with a large wooden tool chest.  Once you open the tool chest there are stairs leading to a secret room → Read more
Top 3 DIY Home Carpentry Projects for Beginners

Carpentry projects can be very exciting, especially if you are a beginner.  However, making something useful does involve some skill and basic knowledge of carpentry techniques.  When starting out with carpentry, it is best to start with the basic projects.

There are many DIY home carpentry projects available on the internet.  Wartwon Woodworks has selected the top three carpentry projects for beginners.  All the following projects require minimal skill and resources or skills, making it the ideal DIY carpentry project for you.

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Learning The Basics Of Carpentry For Home Improvement

Learning the basics of carpentry tools is one of those basic things that every person should know.  Once people know how to work with carpentry tools they can then apply this knowledge to their daily lives. It is one of the most interesting things to get involved in and learn this beautiful art of carpentry to construct wonderful things out of plain wood and see your construction come up so good. Learning the basics of carpentry could a very good pastime along with being very useful for daily tasks.

There are many techniques used in carpentry that are very simple and easy to learn quickly. Some of them are: → Read more

Top 10 Carpentry Tips

These top 10 carpentry tips will help you along your journey as a hobbyist or self contract carpenter.  When it comes to the building trade, carpenters are one of the most useful trades.  They have a large range of skills and knowledge when working with wood.  A majority of building projects require wooden construction inside and out.  Check out these following tips: → Read more

How Decking can Transform a Garden Introduction To Garden Decking

This article explains how decking can transform a garden.  Many people spend endless amounts of money on revamping, redecorating, and improving their homes. More often than not, they forget to show some love to another important part of the home, the garden.

There are dozens of different ways in which you can change up your garden. It could be that you purchase plenty of new flowers and other foliage to plant.  Or maybe buy decorations or ornaments.  Decking can transform a garden more than most things.

Decking has become a stylish alternative to more traditional terraces and patios. It can be made from wood or other materials (although wood is the most common).  It is the ideal way to give your garden the boost it needs.

One thing worth considering is that decking is a great way to even out your garden.  Any uneven or sloping garden terrain can be made level with decking. Even slightly steeper slopes could benefit from multiple layers of decking. Installing decking means that every last bit of your garden, even the aforementioned uneven and sloping areas, is being put to use.  This article will give you insight on how decking can transform a garden.

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Top 6 Tools Needed for Woodworking

This article provides you with the essential tools needed for woodworking.  It took one time working with lumber and wood stock and I was hooked. From then on I loved to eat, sleep, and talk about woodworking to everyone. And within a short period, I built my first shop and grabbed my tools and organized them. That was my “mancave.”

It normally doesn’t take long for someone that is going to have an interest in woodworking to grow hungry to setup his or her own shop or “allotted space” so they can satisfy their craving for building projects with wood. Especially if they can afford it, (and sometimes even if not), even the novice woodworker will start to check out the tools of this awesome hobby and skillset.

The issue that most will run into is the cost, especially if you want to fill a shop to the brim with a vast array of tools. This can be very pricey. So you have to start slow, and add as you go.  Below are six handy tools needed for woodworking.

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Tips for Carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpentry apprenticeships are one of the oldest of all apprenticeships, perhaps the oldest in the world. They are the basis of a skill set which provides employment opportunities. They also include extremely practical skills which are amazingly useful. Like any other apprenticeship or skill you may be learning, to make the best of carpentry apprenticeships, you will need to know what exactly to expect from it, and what others expect from you. That said, carpentry is no longer purely manual labor, it also has its creative field, when design components and various styles are included in the work.

In the first place, it’s important to say that carpenters are generally very skilled craftsmen who are needed within the construction industry. Generally speaking, there are two categories carpentry apprenticeships fall in. The first category includes detail carpenters who are involved with furniture, be it making or repairing it. The second category is called structural carpenters and these are craftsmen who are involved in the process of construction and building. → Read more

Bay window insulatedHow to Insulate a Bay Window

Wondering how to insulate a bay window? this guide will help.  Most older properties lack insulation around bay windows, some have none! Insulation must be installed correctly for it to be effective.  This how to insulate a bay window guide, covers windows with single skin walls only.

Why insulate a bay window? Save money on heating bills by reducing heat loss. Reduce condensation around your bay window due to warmer interior surfaces. Reduces drafts coming from your bay window. Eliminate mold around bay window, due to warmer internal walls.

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Carpentry and Joinery Services Essex Introduction to Carpentry and Joinery Services Essex 

Warton Woodworks carry out a variety of carpentry and joinery Services Essex.  We are usually seen around our local area’s such as Brentwood and Basildon. Below is our company van:

Carpentry and Joinery Services Essex – Type work carried out:

Warton Woodworks has a highly experienced team of tradesman. Below are some of the typical jobs carried out on a daily basis.  We also cover a majority of general building work too. → Read more