Top 10 House Interior Design Ideas

Warton Woodworks has put together a top 10 list of house interior design ideas.  These ideas are based on the many homes we have helped design, build and renovate.  Be your own interior designer and learn how to give your home more flare and sophistication.  Our interior design ideas are an inexpensive way to transform your home.

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What are Velux Cabrio Balcony Windows

A Velux balcony roof window is also know as a Velux Cabrio.  They can transform an ordinary roof window into a balcony in seconds.  Velux balcony roof windows work by opening the top hung window, once the bottom vertical window is opened it allows access to the balcony.  When closed these unique windows allow a lot of daylight to flood any room.

They are purchased as whole units and come with a safety railing.  Being a very nice feature to any house, they are becoming increasingly popular.

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Bungalow Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

If you have a house or a bungalow, you may be considering a hip to gable loft conversion.  This article describes one of our loft conversion projects step-by-step, using real architect drawings and images of job progress.

The Customers Existing Bungalow

Below are drawings of the customers original property.  It was a 3 bedroom detached bungalow, with a garage.

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What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

Are you thinking about increasing the size of your property? If so, then you may be wondering what is a Mansard loft conversion is.

Mansard loft conversions is where a loft roof is modifyed so that the sloping part of the roof is almost flat (between 72 nad 90 degrees), and the sloping front wall being almost vertical.  These types of conversions create the feeling of an extra storey rather than the usual loft conversion look.

Advantages of Mansard Loft Conversions  Is the best method to maximise a loft space. Makes the loft space look like an extra storey, rather than looking like a modified loft.

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What is a Velux Loft Conversion?

Velux (or roof light) conversions is where a loft space is converted into a room, Velux windows are installed between the existing rafters within the sloped roof.  This means the existing loft space is converted without changing the structure of the roof, thus preventing the need for planning permission.

Advantages of Velux Loft Conversions  Velux loft conversions do not require planning permission.  This is becuase the dimensions of the roof structure will not be changed. These types of conversions are the cheapest way of converting a loft space.

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What is a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion?

Are you thinking about increasing the size of your property? If so, then you may be wondering what is a Hip to Gable loft conversion is.

Hip to Gable loft conversions involve the construction of a gable wall, then a roof is created to fill in the gap.  Another way of putting it is to modify the sloping (hipped) part of the roof so that it is supported by a new vertical gable wall.    Usually this results in a dramatic change to the shape of the roof.  The new gable wall will be built either in studwork or masonry, usually with a render to match their existing walls. → Read more

What is a Dormer loft conversion?

Are you thinking about increasing the size of your property? If so, then you may be wondering what is a dormer loft conversion is.

Dormer loft conversions are a popular method of extending the property using the existing roof space.  In order to extend the space of your existing loft, something called a dormer window is installed.  Dormer windows extend outwards from your existing roof, essentially creating additional fully usable space.  All walls on the inside of this space will be above head height. → Read more

Living room socketsWhy Have a Home network

Our need for technology in the modern world is increasing rapidly, and so is our need for internet connectivity.  The average household owner usually owns a smart TV, mobile phone and a computer.  All of which require a connection to the internet.  The modern way of connecting such devices is to use wireless.  However, wireless connections can be very unreliable.  This article provides tells you the benefits of a wired home network, and how to set one up.

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Why Have a Dormer Extension?

Are you considering a dormer loft conversion? This article tells you everything you need to know about these type of extensions.

In simple terms, a dormer extension is a type of loft conversion.  The best way to imagine this is a structure in the shape of a box coming out the side of your roof.  This method expands the usable space within your loft space so you can squeeze more rooms into it.

Requirements for Dormer Extensions Do Loft Conversion need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is only required when extending or altering the roof space, and it exceeds specified limits and conditions.  Your architect or building can help you decide what is required.

Do Loft Conversions need Building Regulation Approval?

Yes, all loft conversions require buildings regulation approval.  This also applies even you do not require planning permission.  When you start your extension a Building control surveyor will inspect your work at various stages.  Once approved they will issue you with a certificate on final inspection.

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Types of Windows

Are you having trouble choosing the correct types of windows for your home? Read this handy guide to selecting windows.

There are many reasons why people decide to change their windows.  Usually it is to improve the thermal efficiency of their home.  Are maybe they want to install something more modern looking to improve the style of there home.  Whatever the case, new windows are always a great additional to any home, usually increasing your property value.

Main Advantages of New Windows Replacing single glazed windows for new double or even triple glazed ones can substantially reduce energy bills and noise pollution. There are many different types of windows to choose from.  People can choose different styles of window to suit their property, inside and out.  They can also select different types of window opening mechanisms to suit the way they live. There are many options regarding insulation properties for windows to help reduce your energy bills.  There are even quadruple glazed now! Also a majority of new windows have special E glass coatings applied.  This is a microscopically thin, transparent coating designed to reflect radiation back into your room.

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