Why Have a Dormer Extension?

Are you considering a dormer loft conversion? This article tells you everything you need to know about these type of extensions.

In simple terms, a dormer extension is a type of loft conversion.  The best way to imagine this is a structure in the shape of a box coming out the side of your roof.  This method expands the usable space within your loft space so you can squeeze more rooms into it.

Requirements for Dormer Extensions Do Loft Conversion need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is only required when extending or altering the roof space, and it exceeds specified limits and conditions.  Your architect or building can help you decide what is required.

Do Loft Conversions need Building Regulation Approval?

Yes, all loft conversions require buildings regulation approval.  This also applies even you do not require planning permission.  When you start your extension a Building control surveyor will inspect your work at various stages.  Once approved they will issue you with a certificate on final inspection.

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Types of Windows

Are you having trouble choosing the correct types of windows for your home? Read this handy guide to selecting windows.

There are many reasons why people decide to change their windows.  Usually it is to improve the thermal efficiency of their home.  Are maybe they want to install something more modern looking to improve the style of there home.  Whatever the case, new windows are always a great additional to any home, usually increasing your property value.

Main Advantages of New Windows Replacing single glazed windows for new double or even triple glazed ones can substantially reduce energy bills and noise pollution. There are many different types of windows to choose from.  People can choose different styles of window to suit their property, inside and out.  They can also select different types of window opening mechanisms to suit the way they live. There are many options regarding insulation properties for windows to help reduce your energy bills.  There are even quadruple glazed now! Also a majority of new windows have special E glass coatings applied.  This is a microscopically thin, transparent coating designed to reflect radiation back into your room.

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Woodworking Joints

Every carpenter and joiner should know about woodworking joints.  This article explains each woodworking joint in detail.  The ability of joining two pieces of wood together is the foundation of wooden construction.  Without this vital knowledge it would be difficult to construct wooden structures that are strong and durable.

The type of joint a woodworker would use depends upon the application.

Basic But Joint

Everyone would agree this is the most basic woodworking joint our there.  It is nothing more than when one piece of wood butt onto another.  The best way of connecting a butt joint is at right angles, or square to the other piece of wood).  The butt joint is then secured using screws or nails. It is common to see butt joints for wall framing on construction sites. → Read more

Mould in Bathrooms Why Mould in Bathrooms Happen?

This articles covers everything you need to know about mould in bathrooms.  But first you need to know what mould actually is, and why it happens.

Mould is a microscopic living organism, it is most obvious when it spoils our food.  But mould is actually all around us, we only notice it when it grows large enough to see.  Mould must have the following in order to flourish:

Have an oxygen supply Be in an environment where there is moisture Must have access to organic material

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Renovation Ideas for Homes

This renovation ideas for homes article will help you think outside the box regarding conversion ideas.  Regardless of whether it’s renovating your house, here are some awesome thoughts that will help you get a much needed refresher for your home.

1.  Remodeling Your Kitchen 

Lets face it, at party’s people always gather in the kitchen.  For most people it could be considered the central hub of any home.  However, just the thought of renovating a kitchen can be a worrying task.

When choosing what kitchen configuration to pick, think about what best suits your daily activities.  Also consider how practical your kitchen is when hosting party’s or large gatherings.  Much investment goes into kitchen, so its important you think about your designs carefully.  Here are some quick kitchen renovation ideas for homes:

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Secret Rooms in Houses

There is something intriguing about secret rooms in houses.  If done correctly hidden passages can provide visitors with excitement, with the sense of entering the unknown.  Recently a customer of ours asked for a hidden room within a wardrobe.

What are the Best Secret Rooms in Houses?

Bedrooms are are popular choice for secret rooms.  A secret room built into a cupboard can be a great storage for clothes shoes and valuable possessions.  Secret rooms that are built into cupboards would be similar to a walk in wardrobe, except they are hidden.  It is also the ideal place to hide if an intruder enters your house in the night.  Here are some other secret room ideas:

Library leading into secret room via a bookcase Living room fireplace leading into a secret room Trap door in the floor leading to a secret room A workshop with a large wooden tool chest.  Once you open the tool chest there are stairs leading to a secret room → Read more
Building a Garden Bar

Building a garden bar is a fantastic addition to any home.  It is a great way to entertain guests.  Also provides a good place to have a drink or two after a busy day at work.  Most people assume a private outdoor bar would be expensive to make.

Having a private outdoor bar is easier than you think.  Its as complicated as you want to make it.  This article provides a step by step guide to building a garden bar.  It is actually a project that Warton Woodworks done for a customer in Essex, United Kingdom.  They converted the customers garage into a bar.  Read this article to follow the story from beginning to end. → Read more

Top 10 Loft Ideas For Homes 

Loft conversions are the best way to add an extra bedroom or en suite and bedroom in your house. If you are a homeowner, adding an extra room to your property can increase its value. Hence, you will get a good return on your investment. Loft conversions require homeowners to follow specific insulation as a requirement for building regulations. This will make your home more energy efficient, reducing monthly electricity bill. With a loft conversion, you can choose to use it as a chapel, reading room or home office. There are just so many options available for you. Here we are going to look at 10 of the best loft ideas for homes that you can draw some inspiration from.  We provide you with 10 loft ideas for homes: → Read more

Top 3 DIY Home Carpentry Projects for Beginners

Carpentry projects can be very exciting, especially if you are a beginner.  However, making something useful does involve some skill and basic knowledge of carpentry techniques.  When starting out with carpentry, it is best to start with the basic projects.

There are many DIY home carpentry projects available on the internet.  Wartwon Woodworks has selected the top three carpentry projects for beginners.  All the following projects require minimal skill and resources or skills, making it the ideal DIY carpentry project for you.

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Learning The Basics Of Carpentry For Home Improvement

Learning the basics of carpentry tools is one of those basic things that every person should know.  Once people know how to work with carpentry tools they can then apply this knowledge to their daily lives. It is one of the most interesting things to get involved in and learn this beautiful art of carpentry to construct wonderful things out of plain wood and see your construction come up so good. Learning the basics of carpentry could a very good pastime along with being very useful for daily tasks.

There are many techniques used in carpentry that are very simple and easy to learn quickly. Some of them are: → Read more