Top 3 DIY Home Carpentry Projects for Beginners

Top 3 DIY Home Carpentry Projects for Beginners

Carpentry projects can be very exciting, especially if you are a beginner.  However, making something useful does involve some skill and basic knowledge of carpentry techniques.  When starting out with carpentry, it is best to start with the basic projects.

There are many DIY home carpentry projects available on the internet.  Wartwon Woodworks has selected the top three carpentry projects for beginners.  All the following projects require minimal skill and resources or skills, making it the ideal DIY carpentry project for you.

Carpentry Project 1:  Building a Simple Wooden Box

One of the most simple carpentry projects to build has to be the wooden box.  Here are the main reasons why they are great for beginners:

  • Wooden boxes are very simple to  make.
  • Boxes come in many variety making it suitable for beginners and more advanced carpenters.  The most simpliest box if one with a hinge.  More advanced versions may have a sliding top and excellent detailing.
  • Wooden boxes can be easily personalized and decorated.

Follow this step by step guide on WikiHow to build your own hinged box.  Once you have mastered that, you can then try building the sliding top version which requires more skill.DIY home carpentry projects

Carpentry Project 2:  Building a Simple Wooden Workbench

If you are a keen carpenter, then its likely you will be making many projects.  If so, then why not build your own work bench? It could save you lots of money.

A sturdy workbench is the most important feature of any well equipped workshop.  The workbench is very useful when it comes to constructing home DIY projects:

  • Can be used for clamping objects to it.
  • You can hammer and chisel things against it.
  • Provides a steady surface to cut pieces of wood.
  • Is a large surface to draw up plans.
  • Can assemble things on it.
  • Can be used for storage if you make a shelf below.

This article by Snapguide provides an excellent step by step guide to constructing a workbench.
Carpentry Project 3:  Building a Simple Wooden Chair

Another useful project to build is a wooden chair.  Did you know a simple chair can be constructed using just a few common tools and materials. The complexity of this project depends how sophisticated you want your chair to look.  You can use your imagination to create wooden chairs with nice curves and detailing.

We recommend you start of with this simple wooden chair construction guide first by The How to Specialist first.  It is a simple chair with a back support, which is ideal choice for beginners.  Only the most basic carpentry and woodworking skills are required.

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