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Woodworking Joints

Every carpenter and joiner should know about woodworking joints.  This article explains each woodworking joint in detail.  The ability of joining two pieces of wood together is the foundation of wooden construction.  Without this vital knowledge it would be difficult to construct wooden structures that are strong and durable.

The type of joint a woodworker would use depends upon the application.

Basic But Joint

Everyone would agree this is the most basic woodworking joint our there.  It is nothing more than when one piece of wood butt onto another.  The best way of connecting a butt joint is at right angles, or square to the other piece of wood).  The butt joint is then secured using screws or nails. It is common to see butt joints for wall framing on construction sites. → Read more

Secret Rooms in Houses

There is something intriguing about secret rooms in houses.  If done correctly hidden passages can provide visitors with excitement, with the sense of entering the unknown.  Recently a customer of ours asked for a hidden room within a wardrobe.

What are the Best Secret Rooms in Houses?

Bedrooms are are popular choice for secret rooms.  A secret room built into a cupboard can be a great storage for clothes shoes and valuable possessions.  Secret rooms that are built into cupboards would be similar to a walk in wardrobe, except they are hidden.  It is also the ideal place to hide if an intruder enters your house in the night.  Here are some other secret room ideas:

Library leading into secret room via a bookcase Living room fireplace leading into a secret room Trap door in the floor leading to a secret room A workshop with a large wooden tool chest.  Once you open the tool chest there are stairs leading to a secret room → Read more
Homemade Furniture Ideas

My name is Jon Warton, I wanted to share some homemade furniture ideas with you.

I am a professional carpenter and joiner based in Essex, United Kingdom.  In my spare time I enjoy constructing bespoke oak wood furniture, woodworking is a passion of mine.  I often construct oak wood tables and beds.  All my homemade furniture ideas are made from high quality greenwood oak.  All items are then sanded and treated to a professional finish.

You may be wondering what greenwood oak actually is.  Greenwood oak basically has a high moisture content.  Oak in general has different levels of moisture contained in the wood.  Greenwood oak is usually considered to have a moisture content over 30%.  If greenwood oak is treated in the correct manner, then it is usually easier to work with, compared to dry oak (or seasonal oak).  Green oak is also very desirable due to its beautiful natural appearance, injecting style and elegance into any room.  Each piece of greenwood oak I hand craft has its own unique grain pattern.  Solid oak furniture lasts for years if looked after.

Below is one of my green wood oak coffee tables I have made.  I actually use this one in my living room.  I regularly put hot tea cups on this table without it making a mark.

→ Read more