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There are many joinery blogs on the internet.  Warton Woodworks are proud owners of a DIY Blog.  This blog covers many topics, joinery being one of them.  Some of our articles are about our joinery and carpentry achievements.  Now and again we will write a step by step guide too.  To visit our main DIY Blog page, please click the DIY Blog image below:

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Types of Work our Joinery Blog Cover

  • Projects which involve the use of butt joints.
  • Projects which involve the use of mitered butt joints.
  • Projects which involve the use of half lap joints.
  • Projects which involve the use of tongue and groove joints.
  • Projects which involve the use of mortice and tenon joints.
  • Projects which involve the use of through dovetail joints.

Examples of some Joinery Projects

Book Shelve Joinery Project

Warton Woodworks carry out many home joinery projects.  Below we custom fit these beautiful shelves.  This was a great storage space for our customer.  He was able to stack many books on these shelves.



joinery blog book shelf


Stair Case Joinery Project

We are able to install any type of stair case.  All stair cases we supply are from trusted outlets only.



Kitchen Joinery Project

We are very proud of this kitchen installation in Brentwood.  Our carpenter skillfully installed a breakfast bar.






Garden Decking Project

Commercial Joinery

Our carpenter Jon Warton has been involved with many commercial projects throughout his career.  He was involved in the construction of the London Eye capsule seating benches.  He has also carried out joinery projects inside London casino’s and bars.

Personal Joinery Achievements

Custom made oak furniture

In my personal time I love to construct oak furniture products.  So far I have custom made a table and double bed.  I enjoy the challenge of making my own bespoke solid oak furniture.  If you are interesting in buying oak furniture I have made, please visit my Oak Furniture page.  All oak furniture I make is constructed from the finest green oak.  Oak is a beautiful wood, each piece having its own unique grain pattern.  Solid oak furniture lasts for years if looked after.  Below are some images of oak furniture I have made.



Visit our DIY Blog for Step by Step Guides

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