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Living Room Design Ideas

Thinking of living room design ideas are hard.  Customers always ask for advice for living room design ideas.  Many are unsure how to make full use of there fireplaces.  We have decided to share a living room fireplace renovation project.

Fireplace renovation project

Living room design ideas should make full use of the space available, including the fireplace!

Living rooms have a variety of electrical equipment which connects with TV’s.  TV’s look best in the center of a room, which allows easy viewing.  Sometimes this is not possible, especially if a fireplace is in the way.

A customer of ours had the same issue, so we provided a solution.  Images of the project below shows good use of the fireplace cavity.  This used to be where an old mantle and gas fireplace was.  No socket wires can be seen as they are fed through the chimney cavity.  This  provided the customer with a modern sleek look.


Various socket installations where fireplace was



Finished fireplace renovation in living room


How did we do it?

  • Helped the customer brainstorm different living room design ideas.
  • Old fireplace and mantle piece was then removed.
  • Ensured wires from the TV could be fed through the chimney cavity.  This was done by drilling two holes the size of a brush face plate.  These brush face plates were installed behind the TV and cabinet.
  • Electrical connections were fed through the fireplace cavity into the loft.  Please note that the chimney had been removed prior to starting work.  Take care if running cables through a fully intact chimney.  Capping may be required to prevent water entry, whilst allowing air flow.
  • Fireplace was then boarded up, ensuring holes were cut out for the electrical connections.
  • Fireplace boarding was then plastered over and painted.

What connections did we install and why?

5 X Double power sockets

Most home owners need many sockets near their televisions.  Usually people achieve this by extension leads which can look messy.  This issue was solved by installing sockets under the TV.  You will be surprised how many of them you will use!

8 X Network (Ethernet) sockets

We live in a wireless connected world.  But wireless networks are not always reliable due to drop out.  Wired connections offer better reliability and faster connections.  This is why network sockets were installed under the customers TV.  They enabled his smart TV, music system and games consoles to be connected.  Network connections were also used to send Sky TV signals to another room.

Constructed a server table for loft

Server for Ethernet connections

1 X TV socket

Some TV  sockets are placed far away from home owners TV’s.  Long TV cables reduce signal quality due to noise (unwanted signals).  This is why we decided to move this socket under the TV.

1 X BT socket

Sky TV requires connection into a phone socket.  Therefore having the BT socket close to your sky box will look neater.

1 X Security camera TV signal

This customer has security cameras which can be viewed on the living room TV.  An auxiliary socket was installed on the chimney breast wall.  The cable from this auxiliary socket runs to the security camera Digital Video Recorder box.

 Was the customer happy with our living room design ideas?

By installing all of these sockets, the customer had access to all connections they needed.  The customer was very pleased with the modern look our living room design ideas had.

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Living Room Design Ideas
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Living Room Design Ideas
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