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Renovation Ideas for Homes

This renovation ideas for homes article will help you think outside the box regarding conversion ideas.  Regardless of whether it’s renovating your house, here are some awesome thoughts that will help you get a much needed refresher for your home.

1.  Remodeling Your Kitchen 

Lets face it, at party’s people always gather in the kitchen.  For most people it could be considered the central hub of any home.  However, just the thought of renovating a kitchen can be a worrying task.

When choosing what kitchen configuration to pick, think about what best suits your daily activities.  Also consider how practical your kitchen is when hosting party’s or large gatherings.  Much investment goes into kitchen, so its important you think about your designs carefully.  Here are some quick kitchen renovation ideas for homes:

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How to Board your Loft

Want to know how to board your loft? then you have come to the right place.  Our skilled tradesmen have boarded many lofts in Essex and London.  This article covers everything you need to know about how to board your loft.  We take into account insulation requirements, storage and access.

Why Board out your Loft? Is an ideal solution for anyone wanting extra storage space. Is a great way to access heating pipes and electrical connections.  But only if boards are planned out carefully. Makes the loft safer to walk around in.  You do not have to worry about watching your step. These days Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are needed when people buy or sell houses.  These certificates grade the energy efficiency of your home.  Better insulation properties will help improve your EPC grade, meaning your home is more efficient to run. Energy efficient homes are less expensive to run.

Before you follow our ‘how to board your loft guide below’, check out the list of materials and tools needed to complete the job.


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