Kitchen Fitting Basildon Essex

Kitchen Fitting Basildon Essex

Below are images of a kitchen fitting Basildon Essex.  At Warton Woodworks we love planning, designing and fitting kitchens.  Pictures were taken of this project from start finish.

What the customer wanted?

  • A modern kitchen design with a dark tiled floor and white gloss units.
  • The design needed to make full use of the rooms space.
  • The kitchen needed to be on a budget.

What we recommended?

  • Brick up the window on the left side wall.  This would allow an extractor fan to be installed (where the window was)
  • Remove the brick built pantry cupboard.  This would then allow more kitchen space.  Also a free standing fridge could go here instead.
  • Install a breakfast bar kitchen worktop.  This would replace the need for a table within the center of the room, resulting in a more modern design.

How the kitchen looked like before work was carried out:

You will notice in the pics below the presence of the left side window and pantry.  The decor of the old kitchen units are very dated (probably 60’s/70’s).  The decor does not match due to changes throughout the years.



What the kitchen looks like after we renovated it:

Below it is clear to see the difference between the old kitchen and how it looks now.  We have made full use of the kitchen space whilst achieving a modern look.  We are being called back in the future to install coving and skirting boards.  This kitchen fitting Basildon project dramatically changed this customers kitchen into a stylish modern room.




kitchen fitting basildon

Work carried out:

Bricked up window on the left side of room.


Removal of pantry.  Water supply pipes are then plaster boarded over, pipes are wrapped with insulation.



Kitchen floor before leveling.  Wall have been plastered.


Kitchen floor leveled.  The floor is only leveled once all walls are plastered, including the new plasterboard wall.


Kitchen floor tiled.


New kitchen fitting Basildon installed.



If you are interesting in a kitchen installation, please contact us.  Or maybe you would like to view this article on kitchen design ideas.