Loft Insulation Basildon Essex contractor

Loft Insulation Basildon Essex

Loft insulation Basildon Essex installed by Warton Woodworks.  All the old insulation was removed.  We then installed an insulation called space blanket.  This insulation is made from glass fibre.  However, it is covered in aluminium foil.  This helps to reduce airborne fibres, making it cleaner.  It allows the customer to move the insulation without gloves.

About 80% of this loft was insulated up to 350mm, using space blanket.  The remaining 20% was insulated using Celotex rigid foam.  Celotex was placed underneath the storage area.  This is to achieve the necessary U-Values the customer wanted.  Celetex is 100% more efficient then fibre glass wool.

We made sure the customer could access the loft easily.  This is why we installed a lower floor level near the hatch.

We also decided to construct a server table for this customers network hub.  Overall this customer was very pleased with the work.

Below are images of the loft insulation Basildon Essex project.  Click here to read a step by step guide to loft boarding and insualtion.

Installing storage area for loftloft insulation basildon essex

Adding on an extra 200mm of insulationAdding on an extra 200mm of insulationConstructed a server table for loftConstructed a server table for loft

Loft entrance storage areaLoft entrance storage area