Window Installation Basildon Essex

Window Installation Basildon

Below are images of a window installation Basildon.  We installed four windows in total.  One of these windows was a bay.  All double glazed windows installed were uPVC.  Each window is rated A for energy efficiency.

We made sure each window has dummy sashes.  These sashes help keep the glass lines level.  The new bay window looks fantastic due to these sashes.  All windows was fitted with trickle vents.  They are installed to reduce condensation build up within the home.

We also installed a black composite door.  This gives the bungalow a modern look.  This customer has noticed a decrease in heating bills since installation of these windows.  All windows were screwed in and sealed. We then organised building control to issue a certificate for completion of work.  Below are images of the window installation Basildon.

Bay Window Afterwindow installation basildon essex

Bay window after

Bay window soffits and cladding after

Bay window soffits and cladding

Bay Window Before

Bay window before

Bay window soffits and cladding before

Bay window soffit and cladding before

If you would like a window installation quote, please contact us.  Or maybe you would like to read this guide on window types.