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New vehicle Wrap – Graphics by Signs Express Basildon

Recently we got our van custom wrapped by Signs Express Basildon.  They was professional throughout, ensuring our van graphics was high quality.  We was able to see a preview of the van graphics before it was applied.  Therefore we could make any changes before it is too late.

Signs Express Basildon ensured my Warton Woodworks logo stands out well.  All writing looked very sharp.  The type of wrap I had done was called a half vehicle wrap.  I plan on buying advertisement signs in the future.

You may see me driving in your local area. Especially if you are from Brentwood or Basildon Essex.

signs express basildon graphics

Reasons why you should get a vehicle wrap design:

Cost effective

If your business involves travel everyday you may be interested in a vehicle wrap.  Your audience w hen driving is potentially thousands of people.  You will also be exposing your business to different areas.  Overall it may be cheaper than other forms of advertisements.  In fact it is probably one of the most cost effective methods to advertise your business.  Signs express Basildon can help you with your vehicle wrap design.

More professional

We believe vehicle wraps help a business come across more professional.  Customers like to see a professional looking van when turning up for the first time.

Increase your social media presence

You will notice we have social media stickers attached to out van.  Social media is a great tool to advertise your business.  Many people use Facebook and Twitter these days.  If people know your on social media they may be inclined to search you.

You can advertise your business even if you are not driving  

People that walk past your parked van may be interested in your business.  People may even approach you while your on a job.

Have you seen us driving about?

If you live in Brentwood, you may have seen us driving about.  We also cover the whole of Essex.

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Signs Express Basildon
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Posted on 12th September 2013 at 7:53 pm

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