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Top 6 Tools You Need To Get Your Woodworking Shop Started

It took one time working with lumber and wood stock and I was hooked. From then on I loved to eat, sleep, and talk about woodworking to everyone. And within a short period, I built my first shop and grabbed my tools and organized them. That was my “mancave.”

It normally doesn’t take long for someone that is going to have an interest in woodworking to grow hungry to setup his or her own shop or “allotted space” so they can satisfy their craving for building projects with wood. Especially if they can afford it, (and sometimes even if not), even the novice woodworker will start to check out the tools of this awesome hobby and skillset.

The issue that most will run into is the cost, especially if you want to fill a shop to the brim with a vast array of tools. This can be very pricey. So you have to start slow, and add as you go. But there are 6 indispensable tools that are needed when you begin.

Table Saw:


The table saw is essential to any woodworker’s arsenal of tools. Even if it is a bench top table saw, that’s fine. You have to have one. When you start ripping lumber over and over, doing so with only a circular saw, or what is more commonly known as a “skill saw” just won’t cut it.

A table saw is more accurate and more powerful than a circular saw. Due to this your cuts will be straight and your arms won’t be so tired from the circular saw and straight jig that you would constantly be setting up. And don’t forget the time factor. Table saws cut much, much faster than any circular saw.

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