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Homemade Furniture Ideas

My name is Jon Warton, I wanted to share some homemade furniture ideas with you.

I am a professional carpenter and joiner based in Essex, United Kingdom.  In my spare time I enjoy constructing bespoke oak wood furniture, woodworking is a passion of mine.  I often construct oak wood tables and beds.  All my homemade furniture ideas are made from high quality greenwood oak.  All items are then sanded and treated to a professional finish.

You may be wondering what greenwood oak actually is.  Greenwood oak basically has a high moisture content.  Oak in general has different levels of moisture contained in the wood.  Greenwood oak is usually considered to have a moisture content over 30%.  If greenwood oak is treated in the correct manner, then it is usually easier to work with, compared to dry oak (or seasonal oak).  Green oak is also very desirable due to its beautiful natural appearance, injecting style and elegance into any room.  Each piece of greenwood oak I hand craft has its own unique grain pattern.  Solid oak furniture lasts for years if looked after.

Below is one of my green wood oak coffee tables I have made.  I actually use this one in my living room.  I regularly put hot tea cups on this table without it making a mark.

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Joinery Blog

There are many joinery blogs on the internet.  Warton Woodworks are proud owners of a DIY Blog.  This blog covers many topics, joinery being one of them.  Some of our articles are about our joinery and carpentry achievements.  Now and again we will write a step by step guide too.  To visit our main DIY Blog page, please click the DIY Blog image below:

Types of Work our Joinery Blog Cover Projects which involve the use of butt joints. Projects which involve the use of mitered butt joints. Projects which involve the use of half lap joints. Projects which involve the use of tongue and groove joints. Projects which involve the use of mortice and tenon joints. Projects which involve the use of through dovetail joints.

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