Top 10 Carpentry Tips

Top 10 Carpentry Tips

These top 10 carpentry tips will help you along your journey as a hobbyist or self contract carpenter.  When it comes to the building trade, carpenters are one of the most useful trades.  They have a large range of skills and knowledge when working with wood.  A majority of building projects require wooden construction inside and out.  Check out these following tips:

1.  Plumbing a Door Frame

Getting a door frame just right can be a nightmare. The easiest way to make sure that your door frame is plumb is by hanging a plumb line in a sliver at the top of the frame. Just carve out a tiny sliver and voila you will be able to quickly see if your frame is positioned correctly without having to struggle. Don’t worry about the sliver making unsightly mess, the tiny spot will be covered by your architrave.

2.  Hiding Nails

Sometimes you have to put a nail in places where you don’t want to see them. Use a sharp chisel to make a small sliver in the timber. Once your nail is in place just glue the timber back down.

3.  Invest In a Nail Gun

Projects which involve a lot of nail can be tedious.  Very large nails can be difficult to hammer in, and be prone to bending.  Nailing two pieces of wood together becomes more difficult in confined spaces or when angled.  A good solution to this problem is to invest in a nail gun, this is probably one of our most valuable carpentry tips.  A Nail Gun is a tool which is used to drive a nail (brad) into another material.  The tool using compressed air, explosive charge or flammable gases to propel the nail forward.  Nails gun really do speed up work.

4.  Tape Your Tape Measure

In the heat of the moment it’s easy to forget measurements. Put masking tape on the side of your tape measure to jot down numbers and needed shapes. You’ll be glad you have those details when you get to the saw.

5.  Use Nippers To Pull Nails

Nippers are your best friend when you have to remove nails from trim work. Nip off the nail head and then pull the nail from the back of the trim for clean work.

6.  Carry the Right Hammer

Make sure that you have a smooth-faced 20-ounce hammer with a straight claw in your tool box. The claw can be used to drive under walls for lifting, embed for
framing and do crude chiseling in a pinch. When it comes to pulling nails there is no better style for easy work.

7.  If You’re Going To Err Leave a Little More

When it comes to measurements a little too much cut means having to waste materials. It’s always best to leave the pencil line in a little when cutting lumber. You can always cut more if you need to but you can never gain back what you have cut.

8.  Keeping Doors Safe

Some Yale type locks can be easily opened with just a credit card. To stop potential thieves in their tracks tap in three small nails into the door frame leaving a
minute gap between the lock on the door and the frame. It may be quick and simple but it works.

9.  Be Easy on The Glue

When you are going to be staining wood make sure to go easy when gluing. Even if you wipe off excess glue it gets into the wood pores blocking the stain from

10.  Sanitary Napkins

Even the most careful carpenters have accidents on the job. Pack a few heavy flow sanitary napkins into your tool box to be prepared. I learned this one when EMS showed up after my son had a serious cut during a project. A huge paramedic wiped his dangling thumb in the thick cotton pad saying that it may seem
strange but they are the best thing to use in an emergency.

We hope you have learnt something from this carpentry tips article.

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