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DIY Loft Boarding Tips

DIY loft boarding is cheap, as you will not have to pay lots for a contractor.  Boarding out the loft will help generate more free space in your home.  It means you can hoard even more things, just like the other stuff you been keeping for years.

Hoard? No, I meant store.  And by things, I mean all of those boxes of ‘memories’ you have, that you feel like you can’t get rid of.  Not to worry, we all have special things we store over the years.  However, we do not like to use the word hoard, even though you know that’s the right word for this situation.  Yes, I am talking to you!

You may want to consider getting someone to help you do this task.  Even though it is not complicated, it will be physically hard work. Choose someone you enjoy spending time with and who is fit because you will be working in a small room.  It will be uncomfortable, warm and it will take a while to complete.  I know, I am not really selling it am I? Since I am being honest, be prepared to hit your head a couple of times during this process.

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