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By Warton Woodworks

Sometimes I like to make my own woodwork projects.   In my spare time I regularly construct bespoke oak wood furniture at my home in Brentwood, Essex. Currently I construct two different woodwork projects, oak wood coffee tables and oak wood double beds. All diy woodwork projects I make are from high quality greenwood oak. All items are then sanded and treated.

You may be wondering what greenwood oak actually is.  Greenwood oak basically has a high moisture content.  Oak in general has different levels of moisture contained in the wood.  Greenwood oak is usually considered to have a moisture content over 30%.  If greenwood oak is treated in the correct manner, then it is usually easier to work with, compared to dry oak (or seasonal oak).  Green oak is also very desirable due to its beautiful natural appearance, injecting style and elegance into any room.  Each piece of greenwood oak I hand craft has its own unique grain pattern.  Solid oak furniture lasts for years if looked after.

Below is one of my green wood oak coffee tables I have made.  I actually use this one in my living room.

If you like these diy woodwork projects you can view more on my Google+ community page.  Here you will see not only my woodwork projects, but other peoples too.  Or maybe you wish to join in.

Wartonwoodworks Google+ Community page

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