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5 Home Extension Ideas for Storage Purposes


This article provides you with some excellent home extension ideas for storage purposes, whilst creating a classy look. Who does not want to give their house a makeover and provide it with a classy look? Many of us desire to renovate the whole home or at least some part of it deep in our hearts, but lack of funds or time keeps us from doing so. Today, the world has turned digitalized, and all the information is just a click away. The Internet has a plethora of inexpensive and easy ideas to give your house an oomph factor, and if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make the process much cheaper.

You don’t need to change the house’s entire look while renovating, and you can do it without doing much. Resetting pieces of furniture or changing the wall scheme, window treatment, or flooring will give your house a distinct look without going overboard. You can add one or two statement pieces to have your space some luxury or dedicate a corner for greenery to give your house a natural feel.

During the renovation, a lot goes on, and things are scattered here and there; it is better to avail of storage space and keep your belongings safe. If you live in Louisiana, you must have heard of Shreveport storage units as people book them either with roll-up or swing doors while remodeling or relocating or other business purposes.

Some houses have extension areas, sometimes in front of the house, as backyard or basement, which people often leave empty. While remodeling your house, you can make the extra space a part of your home and use it for some purpose.

Some of the home extension ideas for storage purposes are as follows:

1. Collection of Books or Toys

Bibliophiles cannot get enough books, and there is always some more that they plan to purchase and read. On the other hand, they have some memories attached to some books and fondness for others. They do not want to part from them but do not have enough space in their homes to keep them. Several people want to keep their childhood toys even after growing up but find it difficult to accumulate in a limited area. When you renovate your home, you can utilize the extra space and have some shelves installed to keep your cherished items safely in there.

2. Surplus Stuff

Many of us do not like the idea of throwing things away, as we feel like that we might need them in the future. For instance, boxes of appliances can come in handy while moving houses and traveling. Every home needs a storage space where residents can keep their extra things and use them when they arise. Besides, you can keep your additional supply of groceries, toiletries, other household stuff. You can buy some moveable storage boxes, use cartons to store things, or purchase two-in-one furniture pieces, which come with storage spaces.

3. Seasonal Items

Seasons change every quarter of a year, and you feel like you can no longer wear the same clothes and need different ones. For winters, you need several other clothing items like socks, caps, jackets, coats, and boots, and in summers, all these things are useless. Keeping them in your closet occupies space and make it cluttered. Moreover, too many things in the everyday wardrobe make it difficult for you to find your desired item and waste your time. Ask your carpenter and have a cabinet built in ample space, and you can easily store your seasonal stuff in your additional closet.

4. Appliances

Many of us possess electrical appliances that are not in our everyday use, such as a baking mixer, bar be cue grill or blower. Most modern houses have compact rooms, and keeping extra things in standard rooms make the space suffocated. Furthermore, the appliances are generally expensive, and they need proper handling, and you must keep them away from sunlight and water so that they stay intact.

5. Collectables or Artwork Pieces

Collectables and art workpieces are valuable stuff, and if you think that they do not go with your home decoration theme, you can keep them safely in storage space. While giving your house a makeover, use the spare room, and secure your precious things.


Home improvement is all about creativity, and it has no boundaries. Moreover, there are no right and wrong in the renovation as whatever you feel right, even if it is not accepted widely, you can go for it. Contrary to popular ideas, renovating a house is not costly, and if you plan smartly, you can give your space a new look in the budget. You can easily give your house a modern feel by incorporating different things or having a mismatch of several themes.  A smart way of renovating your home is by using every inch of the house in one way or the other. So what are you waiting for, start planning your home extension storage ideas today.


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Posted on 4th November 2020 at 8:47 am

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