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5 Interior Design Hacks to Modernise your Home

We have come up with our best interior design hacks to modernise your home.  With have provided you the knowledge to transform you ordinary home into something very special.  Your home is much more than just your sanctuary. It is an extension of your taste and personality. Every house tells the story of the family that resides in it. And those who don’t are considered to be boring and average by onlookers.

Regardless of where you reside in, the chances are that you care about what others think of you and your belongings. After all, such a psyche is quite normal!

To make sure that your guests form the right opinion about you and your house, you must take measures to improve the beauty of your home.

And, you won’t be the only one to do so. According to Statista, the total home improvement expenditure in the US alone amounted to 394 billion dollars in 2018!

Everyone wishes to modernize their houses, both for aesthetic and functional purposes. To jump on the bandwagon and beautify your house, here are interior design hacks you can use.  Below are our best interior design hacks to modernise your home.

1. Change the Lighting

Many people tend to focus on changing the wall color and furniture of the house in an attempt to modernise it. While all of those factors matter too, nothing can help give new life to any given space than quality lighting.

The good thing about changing the lighting of your house is that it doesn’t require a hefty investment. Instead, you can begin with options like table lamps and well-placed floor lamps to modernize your home.

If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, you can also choose to install ceiling fixtures. While these tend to look beautiful, they also get dated very quickly. So, for maximum impact, purchase and install the newest one in the market.

Also, know that one standard of lighting won’t work for every room. Instead, each room will require a personalized touch. Here are some ideas you can follow:

  • Install a chandelier or pendant light in the entryway for a dramatic introduction in your house
  • Use recessed lighting in your living room. Floor lamps and overhead fixtures work best to highlight the different pieces of furniture in the space.
  • One large chandelier just above the dining table is enough lighting for the dining room
  • Install a mixture of recessed lighting, fixtures, and overhead pendants in your kitchen.
  • Have one main overhead light and table lamps on dresser and nightstand of your bedroom

Understand that there is no one-solution-fit-all policy when it comes to choosing the perfect lights for your house. Customize as per the need of the space.

2.  Keep it Minimal

Yet another excellent news for homeowners is that the interior design trends are now moving towards a minimalistic approach. Whether it be bleached hardwood floors or a simple white wall, modern houses now follow minimalism to the tee.

For those of you who find themselves annoyed at having to dust the various parts of the house, minimalism means that there are less dust and clutter you have to worry about! Not to mention that minimalistic designs tend to keep the brain calm and relaxed.

So, how can you modernize your house by following a minimalistic approach? Here are some hacks you can follow:

  • Look around you. Do you see any clutter or furniture that you can do without? If so, let it all go.
  • Decide on a neutral color to follow as a theme for a given room. Mix white with grays as a base and add a pop of color where you deem fit, but make sure they gel well with the subdued theme.
  • Add texture to each room. For instance, with a sofa, have a collection of pillows and rugs.

Each of these tips can help you in revamping every space of your house for the better.

3.  Choose the Right set of Furniture

At the end of the day, you can change the wall colors of your home, improve its lighting and throw out any clutter, but you can still fail to leave a lasting impression if you don’t have the right furniture.

To modernize your house, you must ensure that every piece of furniture you have fits well with the theme. Search the various furniture stores in Providence Ri, and select pieces that are stylish, functional, and modern. Contrary to popular belief, some antique pieces can end up looking quite modern, too, if you pair it with the right accessories!

So, don’t ever restrict yourself when it comes to the type of furniture you select. Just have a clear picture of what you want each room to look like and follow it like a guideline.

4.  Legless Surfaces are the Future

With minimalism, you will require to declutter and store a lot of things away. Generally, the image you get of storage cabinets is a sturdy and bulky cabinet that takes too much space and looks out of place at the same time. A lose-lose scenario if you ask us!

An excellent hack to deal with your storage issue, which ensuring that your house follows a consistent modern theme, is to add leg-less hallway storage cabinets in your house. Anything that floats in the air is automatically considered to be modern.

Following this hack will allow you to both caters to the functional needs of your house and make any space look highly sophisticated.

5.  Spruce it up with the Right Color

Last but not least, nothing makes a home look more modern than painting it with the right color. Have one dedicated accent wall to personalize each space while following the same neutral base for the other walls.

You can search modern color trends to find out which wall paints are most in demand. Currently, there has been a rise in the demand for subdued hues. However, this doesn’t mean that you must follow the trend.

At the end of the day, your house can help you in expressing yourself. So, you don’t have to go with the prevailing trend. Instead, customize your home based on what you like.


Isn’t it surprising that you don’t necessarily need to renovate your entire house to modernize it? Follow these five interior design hacks to modernise your home, and watch as you go from ordinary, to extraorinary home.



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