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Best Way to Lose Weight

Ever wanted to know the Best Way To Lose Weight? Our DIY guide to losing weight is incredibly easy to follow. It is probably the most simplest diet you can get, and the most scientific. As this diet is based on science, you can guarantee you will lose weight if you follow the steps exactly!

This post is actually written by a member of the Warton Woodworks team who is a keen fitness fanatic. The team was so impressed with the way he can gain or lose weight when he wanted, we encouraged him to share this info on this DIY Blog.

About this Diet

This diet plan does not have a fancy name, but we shall call it the Calorie Cutting Diet.

Did you know it is a scientific fact that you need to consume 500 calories less each day to lose 1 pound of fat in a week! This diet takes full advantage of this fact. Calories is energy. Too much energy equals fat.

Are you currently not losing weight? If so, then you are simply not cutting enough calories. This means you are eating exactly what your body needs, or eating more then it needs. You may believe you are eating all the right foods, but do you know exactly how many calories those foods contain? You may think you do, but you will be surprised how many calories some foods have. Even ones you consider healthy!

Why you Lose Weight With this Diet

There are many diets out there, so why this one I hear you ask? This diet is the only way you can guarantee your weight lose, and accurately predict how much weight you will lose each week. The diet is based upon the following principles.

  • You must consume less calories then your body needs.
  • The type of food does not matter, it is all about the calories of that food.
  • You must eat 500 calories less per day to lose 1 pound a week. This means you need to somehow reduce your weekly calories by 3500.
  • This diet is designed to make you lose about 1 pound each week. I know this does not sound a lot, but this is the ideal amount of weight to lose as it stops you getting too hungry. It also helps to maintain whatever muscle you have, meaning you should lose more fat, rather than muscle. Lower body fat = more muscle tone.

Follow the steps below to know the best way to cut calories and therefore weight. Remember that food = energy = calories = weight!


Take note of your Weight

  • Your weight is the easiest way to gauge your diet progress.
  • Pick one day in the week where you will weigh yourself throughout your diet. I will not decide the length of your diet, only you can do that. This diet plan is designed to make you lose 1 to 2 pounds each week.
  • Always weigh yourself on the same day each week, first thing is the morning, whilst nude.


Write a Food Diary for 1 Week

best way to lose weight

Write down everything you eat and drink every day for 1 week. I know you really don’t want to do this, but trust me it is worth it. Losing weight is about losing calories. You can only work out how many calories you need to lose by working out how many you consume. At the end of the 7 days you will have a diary of your food consumption. You will then work out roughly how many calories for each food and drink you consumed. Below is an example of a food diary. As you can see, the amount of calories consumed is not consistent throughout the week. It helps you understand what foods are stopping you losing weight. If you have excel, you can download this template for free.


Adjust your Food Diary and Stick to It

Adjust your food diary so that you are consuming 500 calories less each day. Then stick to the plan over the next few weeks. Remember the fact that eating 500 calories less each day means you should lose a pound over a week. This means you need to reduce your weekly calories by 3500 (500 calories X 7 days). When looking at the food diary in step 2 we can remove many calories for the next week by doing the following:

  • Swap the takeaway for a chicken salad = Saves about 1100 calories.
  • Swap the daily shop bought tuna sandwich for a home made tuna roll = Saves about 1240 calories .
  • Swap the pizza dinner for homemade pizza and chips = Saves about 260 calories
  • Half the pasta dinner = Saves about 432 calories

Doing these simple changes has reduced the amount of calories by approximately 3000 over a week. Look at the adjusted diet plan below. Most days have dramatically lower total calorie counts when comparing to the diet plan in step 2. This person will lose weight if they stuck to their changed plan, as they 100% know they are eating less calories.

best way to lose weight


Measure Weight, Adjust Diet if Necessary

Continue to measure your weight once per week. If you stop loosing weight go back to step 3.


There you have it, the best way to lose weight. It is crazy how many different diets are out there. No matter what fad diet you choose, you cannot get away from the simple fact that calories must somehow be cut, you must eat less then your body requires to lose weight. It does not even matter what type of food you eat, it is only about your calorie intake. It is why this is the only diet that is guaranteed to work, if you follow it. Always remember that healthy diets are not the same as low calorie diets. For example, brown rice is considered healthier than white rice, but both are very high in calories!

You should only aim to lose 1-2 pounds each week. Loosing a small amount of weight weekly has two main advantages.

  1. You will not feel incredibly hungry all the time, and therefore risk binge eating.
  2. You will lose little muscle mass, but only if you train hard with weights, and eat plenty of protein. This will result in better muscle definition, also known as tone.


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