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Best Ways To Strip Wallpaper

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys removing old wall paper, learn the best ways to strip wallpaper with our guide below.

Step 1:  Project your Floor and Furniture

Wet wall paper can become sticky, which may stick to carpet.  You can make your life easier by putting down some sheets before hand, that can be thrown away.  It is a good idea to do this even if you have laminate wood flooring, as you risk damaging these floors if they soak up to much water.

Step 2:  Tools Required

  • Electric Wall Paper Stripper
  • Sharp Scraper

Step 3:  Pull off any Loose Wallpaper

Before you start using a steamer to remove the paper, it’s worth trying to pull off any loose wallpaper from the wall by hand. For such a task, you need to start from a corner.  While pulling the paper, you should try to do it gently.  Pulling the paper gently is less likely to tear it.

Step 4:  Turn Your Steamer On

Fill your steamer reservoir with water, then turn it on.  They usually take up to 5 mins to start steaming.

The use of an electric steamer is probably one of the best ways to strip wallpaper.  They work by breaking down the paste which adheres the paper to the wall or ceiling.  They work similar to a kettle, where the water is heated up via an element.  The steam then travels through a flexible hose until it makes its way out the steamer pad, that you hold against your old wall paper.

Step 5:  Steam your Wall Paper

Hold the steaming pad against your wall paper for no more than 15 seconds at a time, as you risk damaging the plaster beneath it.  After 15 seconds your paper should look slightly damp.

Step 6.  Scrap the Steamed Wallpaper

Use a sharp, good quality scraper for faster results.  Also, proper use of scrapper is highly beneficial in removing the wall paper quickly.  Tilt your scrapper so the handle is close to the wall, then scrap off the damp wall paper.  Keep repeating steps 5 and 6 until all your wall paper has been removed.

best ways to strip wallpaper


  • If your wall paper is really stuck on, you could try scoring the wallpaper with a sharp knife. This helps the steam get into the wall paper at different points, helping to break down the glue that holds it.
  • If you are having trouble steaming and scraping your wall paper off, you may want to consider a gel as a last resort. These gels have a powerful enzyme formula that helps break down the paste which holds your paper to the wall.  They usually come in the form of a spray bottle.  Gels are usually applied, then left for about 20 minutes (or whatever the instructions say).  After that time period, the paper should be easier to remove with a scraper and steamer.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on the best ways to strip wallpaper.


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