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Building a Kids Playhouse

This article provides you tips on building a kid’s playhouse. Some of the images in this post show off an indoor playhouse that was actually designed and built by Warton Woodworks. You can do the same by following some of our advice. Your kids couldn’t be any happier having their own space, where they can be whoever they want. A good playhouse is one that is creative, cheerful and long lasting. There should be enough room for your kids, plus a few of their friends. Below are some tips for those that are interested in building a kids playhouse:

1. Get Inspiration from your Kids

Kids are incredibly imaginative. Ask them what a playhouse should have, they might surprise you with some very original ideas. For example, they might suggest things like a hatch as in the image below. Getting your children involved in the design process also creates a special time to bond and provides special moments with your kids.  Let them guide you on the color scheme too, it is their playhouse after all.

2. Consider the Tiny Details

When designing your playhouse, you need to keep in mind this house is for little kids. This means everything inside will be on a smaller scale, such as the chairs, doorways and cupboards. The image below shows a tiny cupboard inside a playhouse.

3. Make It Fun

Kids playhouses should all be about fun. Kids enjoy climbing up things, and sliding down them. The playhouse below has tiny steps one side, and a slide on the other. The slide I high enough to be fun, but not too high to be dangerous.

Kids indoor playhouse steps

4. Make it Look Homely

Just like adults, kids need their own space too. And one of the best ways to do this is to create their own home! Making a playhouse with a roof makes kids feel safe, and makes it a personal space they can share with friends. Make sure it can only be accessible by kids by making the windows and doors small.

Building a kids indoor playhouse with slide
A kids indoor playhouse
Building a kids playhouse

5. Make it Safe!

There is only one rule you need to follow when constructing a kids playhouse, make sure it is safe!

You can be creative as you want to be, but safety must always come first. Ensure the playhouse does not have any sharp corners or places where children can crush their fingers (such as a heavy door).

6. Consider Buying a Playhouse

If you do not want to go through the effort of creating your own playhouse, or simply do not have the correct tools, then you may want to consider buying one instead. There are many playhouses available to buy, most are made from plastic. But have you ever considered a playhouse made from cardboard? Kids always love playing with cardboard at Christmas, sometimes showing more interest in the cardboard over their presents!

Buy cardboard playhouse below from the Amazon store

Buy cardboard tank playhouse from the Amazon store

7. Future Proofing

There is one thing you can guarantee in life, and that is your kids will outgrow their playhouse. And when they do you will likely scrap it, or use it to store junk. It don’t have to be this way! You could try to future proof your playhouse design, such as making it large enough for older and taller kids too. You could also select a theme they will not lose interest in. For example, a boys playhouse could be a car theme, rather than a theme based on a children’s cartoon.  Or the outside decor could simply look like a miniature house or shed. The most important thing is that the space is only for your kids and their friends.

Outdoor kids playhouse


With careful planning, and the correct tools, you can design the playhouse of your kids dreams. If designing a playhouse for the outside, then it must be constructed of materials that will stand up to the weather. Good luck with building a kids playhouse. You can view our full range of articles at the Warton Woodworks DIY Guides page.


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Posted on 30th April 2020 at 7:00 pm


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