Unit Conversions and Formula’s

Unit Conversions

We live in a world where unit conversions are a must. For example, many people use the metric and imperial measurement system in the United Kingdom. Each country has their own way of measuring the world around us. People also have their own personal preference when it comes to units of measurement. We have provided you with the most popular unit conversions. There may also be occasions where you will need to calculate the value of something, such as current (Amps), which is why we have also selected the most common formulas. Below is a unit conversion calculator. Select your units, then type in your measurement.


Common Formula’s


Power = Measured in Watts

Power = Current (A) x Voltage (V)


Power = (Current x Current) x Resistance


Voltage = Measured in Volts

Voltage (V) = Current (Amps) x Resistance (Ohms)


Current = Measured in Amps

Current (A) = Voltage (V) / Resistance (Ohms)


Resistance = Measured in Ohms

Resistance (Ohms) = Voltage (V) / Current (A)

Max Electrical Ratings

UK Plug Sockets

Max power rating for UK plug sockets are 3000W (3KW).

This is because UK household appliances are designed to handle a maximum current load of 13A. Please be aware that each UK appliance has their own maximum current rating, which is usually determined by the fuse rating for that appliance. For example, your kettle would have a 13A fuse.

Power = Voltage x Current.

Therefore, 230V x 13A = 2990W =Approximately 3000W.

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