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Crafty Ways to Clean Up Your Living Space

Nobody likes seeing clutter pile up in the house. Whether it’s unwashed laundry, dishes, unfolded clothes, or toys, these are overwhelmingly tedious chores just waiting for you to take care of them. It might seem daunting to get to taking care of a house where everything is out of place.

Cleaning a house is hard work, and some hate having to do it. However, if you employ these crafty hacks, you will easily manage to transform your living space from looking like a pile of clutter to an amazingly organized space.

So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

1. Make an Inventory of all the Items

This process involves categorizing things and making mental, or literal, notes of things that need to be thrown away and the things that get to stay. You can’t just get to sweeping at random, so you need to be strategic about it. So, the first step is to set the stage for all the other steps. Take an inventory check of all your belongings.

2. Declutter, keep it or Toss it?

Imagine having a dope apartment in say, Brandon, Mississippi, where you have friends over on almost every weekend. But if you don’t take care in organizing and decluttering your space from time to time, it will not only look smaller each time your friends visit, but it will also look less appealing.

Why not just take care of your things? And if you don’t need them, no need to keep them around.

A simple Google search, like storage units brandon ms, will instantly give you results for all the best storage units in Brandon, Mississippi. Be picky about which stuff goes out, to be stored in a storage unit, and which remains.

3. Start from the Top

The best way to do an overhaul of your living space is to start from the top. Start with the ceilings, floors, walls, bathroom, and kitchen, all the while picking up, organizing, or throwing away the little and unnecessary items as you make your way. Once you are done with the general clean up, next, you move to putting on the final touches. Use mops, dusters, and sponges to clean out the crevices, the nooks and the corners, dust off fans, and other appliances. Finally, you move to the dusting and wiping of furniture, books, laptop, computers, et cetera.

4. Dusting

As you clean the furniture, remember that the best way to do it is to dust it. Instead of going with water, try dry dusting first with feather dusters to remove all that dirt sitting on the curtains, the sofas, and tabletops.

If you start without properly dusting first, the dust combined with water forms sticky crusts, which you do not want on any of your things. High-quality ostrich feather dusters are great for daily cleaning, but you should go for a vacuum if you have a lot more to clean. For couches and sofas, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with the narrow tube-like attachment that lets you get into those crevices.

5. Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Glass-top stoves, mirrors, picture frames, window glasses, and other glass items in our house usually accumulate a lot of dust. So how would you clean a glass surface to make it really sparkle? For cleaning a glass stove, wipe with a wet cloth dabbed with a mixture of baking soda and soap. That will bring out the sparkle in that stove. Use a dry cloth on the glass surfaces after the wet cloth to make it shine. You can use coffee filters as an alternate for wiping TV and computer screens.

6. Sorting the Closet

Decluttering your closet is as important as decluttering the rest of the house. If you don’t keep a habit of assembling your closet space along with the rest of your home, you will not get rid of the mess entirely. Here’s how you do it. First, start by emptying your wardrobe completely. Dust and wipe the insides of the closet thoroughly, especially the corners.

Next, separate the clothes that you wear often from the ones that you have not worn in years and get rid of them. Make room for your handbags, coats and jackets, and other items that you would like to keep in your closet. Label each of the sections, so that you know where to put what and in what order so that the stuff remains organized.

7. Deep Cleaning the Rugs and Carpets

Cleaning rugs, carpets, and welcoming mats is a labor-intensive chore, especially if they’ve not been cleaned in a while. You can start by vacuuming, but there are some easy hacks that you can use for better results. For instance, lint rollers are a lifesaver if you have carpets with longer fibers. They easily slide over your pillows, rugs, and carpets and eliminate extra fibers, crumbs, and other small particles. There is no carpet or rug out there that hasn’t had wine or food spilled on it. Cleaning items that can be used for stubborn stains include club soda, a water-vinegar mixture, and the classic baking soda for greasy stains.

8. Keeping Laundry Organized

Another thing that contributes to clutter is having laundry scattered around the house. Clean out the washing machine and the surrounding area to avoid the buildup of mildew and mold. Use baking soda and vinegar on the washing machine to get rid of smell after you are done with a wash cycle. Moreover, you should also vacuum your lint dryer and clean it with a brush. Remember, thousands of reports of dryer exhaust duct fires are reported each year, so it’s best to have a clean, safe laundry room.


A clean house is a safe and healthy house. Cluttery, dirty, and a messy house does not look attractive, especially, if you frequently have guests over, it can leave a bad impression. Do not wait for the annual spring cleanup and pick up the cleaning crafts mentioned above to make your living space cleaner.


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