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Different Types of Shower Head

Choosing between different types of shower head can be confusing.  This guide goes through them one by one, making your job of deciding a much easier task.

The appearance of a shower head is very much a personal thing.  You are likely to find the exact style you want, as there is so much choice out there.  Sometimes there are situations where you cannot have what you want due to issues with room space.  For example, you may want a large rain type of shower head, but physically do not have enough shower space for it.  Another thing that may stop you getting the shower head you want is water pressure.  Whatever design you choose, it needs to be compatible with your water system.

Below is a guide on different types of shower head.

Different Types Of Shower Head

Shower Heads that Compliment a Fixed One

These type of shower heads usually have a long flexible hose.  They are designed to be easily taken off a holder (usually lower down, rather than high up), so you can hold the shower head.  This means you can aim the spray exactly where you like.  Sometimes these are added as an extra attachment to showers, as its very useful for cleaning the shower cubicle.

Handheld on a Slider Rail

These types of shower heads are inexpensive, and offer good flexibility.  The shower head itself is on a flexible hose, and can be attached to a wall mounted holder.  The flexible hose allows the user to rinse hard to reach areas.  It is also great for cleaning the shower too.

Adjustable Spray Shower Head

These types of shower heads allow you to adjust the spray distribution.  For example, it may have settings such as massage, mist, wide and narrow stream.  They are great if you use your shower for different situations.  Such showers heads also make it easily to clean the shower, as your can choose a light spray.

Mounted of Fixed Shower Head

Mounted shower heads are attached to the wall or ceiling.  Usually the plumbing for these heads is behind the tiling in a false wall, with the shower head being directly fixed to the wall. They are good in the fact they are simple.

Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads spread water out over a larger surface area, imitating rainfall.  They are very popular as they look very modern.  The heads are usually very large compared to typical ones, usually square or circular.  Because the water is spread out over a larger surface area, it provides a gently flow of water onto your body.  Whereas other showers can feel too powerful.

different types of shower head

We hope you have found this guide of different types of shower head informative.  You may want to consider the following storm shower heads below:


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