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Please check out our Warton Woodworks DIY Guides below.  This blog provides step-by-step guides to help you with your home DIY project.  These articles contain useful tips, images and diagrams.  They will ensure you complete your home projects the professional way.  Our blog has recently received recognition for being one of the top 30 DIY Blogs.


Bathroom Guides

Causes of humidity and condensation

Cleaning mould in bathrooms

Bay Window Guides

How to insulate a bay window

Car Guides

Building your own mini classic

Carpentry Guides

How to fit a door handle to a new door

Learning the basics of carpentry

Carpentry apprenticeship tips

Woodworking joints

Decking Guides

How decking can transform a garden

DIY Projects

Top 3 DIY projects for beginners

Renovation ideas for homes

Secret rooms in houses

Feature Wall Guides

Living Room Feature Wall Ideas

Downstair Toilet Feature Wall Ideas


Best Riddles and Answers

Garden Guides

Building a garden bar

Designing your own Garden

Garden feature ideas

How to install a new garden fence

Interior Design

Different types of home staircases

Downstairs Toilet Design Ideas

Guide to choosing home radiators

Hallway Show Storage Ideas

Top 5 Feature Wall Ideas

Top 10 Interior Design Ideas

Kitchen Guides

Kitchen design ideas

Loft Renovation Guides

Bungalow Hip to Gable Loft Conversion.  Images of Plans through to Finish 

DIY Loft Boarding Tips

How to board your loft

Loft conversion ideas for homes

Typical UK Loft Conversion Prices

What is a Dormer loft conversion?

What is a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion?

What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

What is a Velux Loft Conversion?

Why have a dormer extension

Living Room Guides

Living room designs ideas

Tool Guides

Top tools you need to start a woodworking shop

Wireless and network Guides

Watching sky TV in another room

Why have a home network

Window Guides

Types of home windows

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