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Garden Feature Ideas

Implementing the right garden feature ideas can really transform your garden into a beautiful, relaxing space.  Beautiful gardens have been likened to kind words, they are soothing to our senses, healing to our mind and body, and inspiring when we feel down or lonely.  Gardening or tending to our gardens is one simple but efficient way of reuniting ourselves with nature through the soil, the plants and flowers, the little living creatures residing in the garden, as well as the sunlight and the breeze around us.  Not only does gardening enable us to connect with nature, but it also has many benefits for our mind and body such as:

  • Tasks such as planting, potting, weeding and watering are some of the activities that provide people will exercise which is beneficial to our body.
  • A good garden is always full of living activity, such as budding flowers, larvae turning to beautiful butterflies, birds drinking nectar, earthworms burrowing in the loose soil.  Nature provides us with a soothing experience, and helps us forget the problems and stresses we bear in life.
  • Providing care to the plants in the garden gives us a sense of accomplishment, the reason why retirees are advised to indulge in gardening to make sure they maintain their self-esteem. Have you ever tried pointing out to someone a tree or plant you planted yourself years or months ago? Did you remember the sense of fulfilment and confidence during that time? Exactly.
  • Certain levels of analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving is being done while gardening, which in turn exercises the brain. This is the reason why gardening is recommended for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.
  • Soaking up sufficient amounts of sun rays while gardening is a cost-free way to get those Vitamin D’s you need to boost your immune system. Also, you can easily get doses of some friendly soil bacteria which helps neutralize allergies such as dermatitis and asthma. Making our gardens even more beautiful is such an exciting undertaking that can be achieved by adding fantastic and interesting garden features.

Our Top 5 Garden Feature Ideas

Water Features

Most people would agree that water features have a calming effect.  The most common ones are fountains and waterfalls, or simply a birdbath.  They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Whatever water feature you choose, it is likely to attract the attention of your guests, and even the local wildlife such as birds.

You can opt to purchase a ready-made water feature which will cost you less compared to having it built.  The types and designs of water features range from simple to complex. Simple water features include tire ponds, flower or plant pot fountains, mini water gardens, old teapot fountains, and simple fountains. While the complex garden features cover elaborate water walls, recycled water walls, rock pond fountains and waterfall ponds.  Below are some examples of simple and complex garden water features.

Solar Powered Water Fountain

garden feature ideas

Fire Features

When it comes to garden feature ideas, fire ones are sure to impress.  People love to gather and chat around a fire pit, especially if the outside temperature is cold.  However, you will always see people near fire pits, regardless of the temperature.  This is because they are beautiful and mesmerising to watch.  Guests can also toast things on fire pits too such as marshmallows.  In general, fire pits are simple and cheap to run and a great addition to any garden.  They are also perfect for the upcoming winter season.

Fire pits add a touch of ambience, specifically on cold nights.  Making it a perfect scene for socializing with friends and family.  Garden fire pit features also come in different shapes and sizes.  Designs can include circular rustic fire bowls, wood grain textured fire pits, copper fire pits and a simple plant pot fire pit.  Below are some more examples of fire pits.

Garden Fire Pit

Ornamental Features

When it comes to garden features, the ornamental type is the easiest to set up.  They are probably one of the most popular garden feature ideas.  They bring a fun and friendly aura to your garden.  There are so many types of garden ornament to choose from, coming in many colours and designs.  These ornaments could either be practical or decorative or both.  They are made from all kinds of materials such as metal, wood, cement and even marble.  Below are some good examples of garden ornamental features.

Meerkat Garden Ornament

Pergola Features

Garden Pergola features are ideal for summer providing shade and relaxation while lounging in your gardens. It is also quite intimate and ideal for having light snacks outside in your gardens during the summer season. Most pergola features have vines crawling all over the structure which gives it a natural effect.

Garden Pergola features provide a touch of class and sophistication to your gardens, plus it emphasizes the view.  Garden Pergola features are made from all kinds of materials such as wood, metal and cement.

Gazebo Features

Garden gazebo features balances form and function, sophistication and practical use while altogether enhancing the beauty of your gardens.  They come in various shapes as some are octagonal while others are round. This is a beautiful garden feature idea  are mostly made of wood but can also be a combination of metal, wood, and cement which renders the structure sturdier.

Modern Looking Gazebo

Beautiful garden features are like kind deeds, you enthusiastically work and toil on it until you come up with structures and decors that bring you tranquility, beauty, warmth, relaxation, and protection. Happy gardening everyone.  If you enjoyed this garden feature ideas post, then may be enjoy others in our DIY Blog below.


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