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Guide to Choosing the Right Garden Fence Panel

There is plenty of choice when it comes to garden fences, which is why we have created this guide to choosing the right garden fence panel.  First of all, you will need to think about the purpose of your fence.  For example a fence required for a pet rabbit would have different requirements to a garden boundary fence.  There are a few important factors you should consider before buying your fence:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Appearance
  • Wind resistance
  • Strength
  • Maintenance

We recommend you read about the following panels.  Doing so should help you in choosing the right garden fence panel for your home:

Horizontal Waney Edged Fencing:

This is probably one of the most popular types of fence panel.  They are created from waney edge boards which are slightly overlapped.  These boards are cut from trees, the waney edged side will still have bark on.  The other side of the fence panel is square.


  • Excellent for money
  • Provides good privacy
  • Good for garden security
  • Not that robust

choosing the right garden fence panel

Feather Edge Fencing:

This type of fence panel is more robust then waney fence panels.  The extra strength comes from its design of tapered boards, secured vertically to form a solid fence.


  • Value for money
  • Excellent privacy
  • Good for garden security.
  • Very robust. Stronger than waney edge fence panels.
  • Costs more than waney edge fence panels due to its sturdy design

Overlap Fencing:

Also known as lap panels, they are cheap, durable and robust.  These type of fence panels are common throughout the UK.


  • Value for money
  • Good for privacy
  • Excellent for garden security.
  • Very robust.

Picket Fencing:

These fences have gaps in between its slatted design.  They are normally used as a decorative boundary, rather than for privacy or security purposes.  The main advantage of using these fence panels is that they last many years.  The gaps between the slats allow wind to breeze through easily, reducing the amount of stress placed on these fences on windy days.


  • Value for money
  • Will last a very long time, due to its excellent wind resistance
  • Does not offer good privacy. As people can see through the fence panels
  • Not good for security. An intruder could easily brake a few slats to enter the boundary.

We hope you have enjoyed this Guide to Choosing the Right Garden Fence Panel.


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Posted on 7th December 2018 at 7:00 pm


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