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Guide to Kitchen Unit Sizes and Dimensions

Designing a kitchen can get confusing, which is why we have supplied this complete guide to kitchen unit sizes and dimensions.  All kitchen units are assembled from a flat pack.  Some are even supplied fully built.  A kitchen unit consists of a carcass, which is the main shell of the cupboard.  Kitchen doors, are then fitted to carcass units.  Base carcass units are ones that sit on the floor, and usually have plastic legs installed.  Wall carcass units are fixed to walls via screws and rawl plugs.

There are many kitchen manufacturers around, all of which sell their own range of sizes.  Below are some commonly asked questions regarding kitchen units:

How Wide are Standard Kitchen Units?

The standard sizes are:

  • 30cm wide
  • 40cm wide
  • 60cm wide
  • 80cm wide
  • 100cm wide

However, there are other sizes available, but will depend on what your kitchen manufacturer offers.  Kitchen units that are 60cm or less, are usually fitted with one door only.  Whereas, larger sizes have two doors.

How Deep are Standard Kitchen Units?

Most kitchens will have a kitchen unit depth of 60cm.  This dimension includes the thickness of the door and drawers, but not the handles.  This appears to be the optimum depth to fit appliances such as washing machines and dish washers, whilst reducing kitchen space.  This depth is also ideal for installing kitchen sinks and hobs.   If you do not have much kitchen space, you could use units that are not so deep.  But, you could only do this if no appliances or sinks are being installed for those particular units.

How Tall are Standard Kitchen Units?

Kitchen units and worktops are usually fitted at around 90cm high.  However, there are other heights available.  Also the carcass for each unit is fitted with adjustable legs, which provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting the height.

How do Corner Units Work?

Kitchen corner units make good use of wasted spaces.  Some are designed to help make your life easy.  So you do not have to kneel down and stretch to reach the object you are trying to retrieve.   They are commonly referred to as L Base Units.

What are the Standard Larder Cabinet Sizes?

These are similar to kitchen base units, but are a lot taller.  Standard heights (including the legs) are usually 150cm, 190cm, 217cm and 229cm.

What are the Countertop Dimensions?

Countertop heights are usually around 90cm.  Depths of countertops are generally 63.5cm, so that they slightly overhang the 60cm deep kitchen unit beneath them.  Smaller depth kitchen units will require countertops that are not as deep.

 What are the Typical Appliance Dimension?

Here are some typical appliance dimensions.  Use the following dimensions as a rough guide.

Fridge (non-integrated) = 60 x 60cm

Dishwasher (non-integrated) = 60 x 60cm

Washing machine (non-integrated) = 60 x 60cm

Range stove = At least 90cm wide

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This is a guest post from the Kitchen Door Hub.  They specialise in made to measure kitchen fitting.  They also sell bespoke bedroom and kitchen accessories.  We hope you have enjoed this post about kitchen unit sizes and dimensions.



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