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How To Cut Off Your Homes Water Supply

Learning how to cut off your homes water supply is essential.  One day you may need to know, especially is you have a major water leak in your home.  A serious leak in your home in unsafe, and can damage your interior.  Follow our tips below to help you find your home water shut off valve before it’s too late!

Typically there are two water valves you can shut off.  One outside your house, and one inside your house.  Water enters your property from a valve in the street, outside your home.  It then goes to a main valve in your home (called a stopcock) via underground.  Turning one or both of these taps fully clockwise shuts off all water within your property.

Do you have a Property Inspection Report?

Another way of finding your cut off valve is to check your property inspection report.  These reports are usually carried out when in the final stages of purchasing a home.  One of the sections of this report should have the location of your water shut off valve.

Find the Shut-off Valve inside your Home

The best place to start is to search your property for the main cut off valve.  This valve enables you to shut off your homes entire water supply.  Below are some tips on how to find this valve:

  • Imagine a straight line from your outside street valve, to the nearest point of your homes exterior.  Water lines are usually installed in the shortest run possible.  This may give you a good idea of its possible location.
  • If you are having a hard time trying to locate your homes main water valve, then look out for access panels.  It is possible a previous home owner could have concealed the valve inside a cupboard.
  • Main water valves inside your home are most likely to be at ground level.
  • Once you have found the valve, then turn it clockwise to shut it off.

Find Your Street Water Valve

Can’t cut of your homes water supply from indoors? Maybe try doing it from the outside instead.  Did you know there is another shut off valve within your street? Yes, this valve actually shuts off the water being supplied to your home.  You could use this valve if you are having trouble finding the one within your home, or have issues with it.  Your street water valve is probably located at the boundary line of your property, such as near the pavement.  There will be a metal or plastic trap door located at ground level.  You should call your water company first before touching this valve.  They will either shut it off for you, or give you instructions on how to do it yourself.  If doing it yourself, you will require a special wrench that turns the valve.  And if you have an older property, then the tap is likely to be tight, thus being more prone to damage.

Cut Water off Close to The Problem

If you have a sink, toilet, or bathtub leak, then you may be able to shut off the water locally.  All these items usually have flexible metal tubing going taps or a cistern.  Once you locate the flexible tubing, then you can cut off the supply via a valve.


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