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How To Repair A Burst Heating Copper Pipe

Having to repair a burst heating copper pipe is a job that anyone would dread doing.  No matter have severe the water leak, broken pipes can be a big problem for any homeowner.  Water in heating supply pipes are under pressure, which means leaks spray out with a considerable force.  Because of this pressure, it’s usually pretty obvious if a pipe is leaking, even if the pipe is inside a wall or above a ceiling.

Tools & Materials Needed

  • 15mm diameter copper pipe
  • 15mm couplings (X2)
  • Steel wool
  • Copper pipe cutter
  • Propane Blow Torch

How To Repair A Burst Heating Copper Pipe

Step 1.  Find Location of Leak

First of all, find out the location of leakage.  Sometimes this can be obvious, expecially if the pipes are exposed.  If it is not obvoiulsy, look closely at your walls and cielings for any signs of damp patches, or drips.

Step 2.  Shut off valve

Shut of your boiler to prevent water flow.  It is also a good idea to shit of your water main too, just incase water is leaking from a drinking water supply pipe instead.

Step 3.  Cut The Burst Pipe Out

Now with the help of a 15mm pipe cutter, remove a section of pipe where a split has occured.  Pipe cutters are designed to clamp around a 15mm pipe, then cuts through it whilst when you rotate it around the pipe.

Step 4.  Replace Pipe Section

Cut a new piece of 15mm copper pipe, so that it is rougly the same length of the piece you cut out.

Step 5.  Pipe Cleaning

When you cut the required pipe length, you need to clean the ends properly. For such a task, you should use steel wool. Clean the pipe from both inside and outside completely.

Step 6.  Attach New Pipe to Existing

Clean up two presoldered coupling fittings using wire wool.  Attach your new peice of copper pipe where your burst peice of pipe was, using the union fittings to secure it in place.

Step 7.  Spread Flux

Spread the flux carefully on the outside of the union fittings.

Step 8.  Use a Propane Torch

Check that your new peice of pipe is in place with the coupling fittings.  Using a propane torch, heat up the union fittings until you start to see solder run out of it.  Soldering running out of the joint is a good sign that the solder within the fitting has melted, and created a good seal with the pipe.  Be very careful with this torch! Where safety gloves and googles.

Step 9.  Inspect The Connection

After the connection has been created, you should try to inspect it properly.  Check that the connection is secure by trying to pull it apart.  Also look to see if the solder inside the fittings has melted all around the joint.

We hope you have found this article about how to repair a burst heating copper pipe informative.


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