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How To Repair A Leaking Kitchen Tap

There is nothing more annoying than a leaking kitchen tap.  You can stop this relentless dripping today, using our advice on how to repair a leaking kitchen tap.  Kitchen taps are usually the mixer type, consisting of a single spout and separate controls for hot and cold.  Common causes of a leaking or dripping tap are usually due to a damaged rubber seal or washer.  Before attempting to repair any leaks, ensure your water is turned off via a stop cock or isolation valve.  The guides below provide solutions to different problems regarding kitchen tap leaks and drips.

How Does a Tap Work

Understanding how your tap works will help you resolve the problem quicker.  Kitchen taps consist of two main parts, one that controls water flow called the valve, and the other being the tap washer or ceramic disk.

Some taps use a washer, while others use a ceramic disk.  If your tap only rotates a quarter or half an turn, then its most likely uses ceramic disks.

When a kitchen tap is turned on, a washer is lifted from the valve, allowing water to flow out the spout.  When the tap is turned off, the washer is screwed down, cutting off the flow of water.

Repair a Leaking Kitchen Tap

Tap Dripping from Spout

This type of leak is very easy to spot, and hear! In-fact the constant dripping of water into your sink has probably driven you mad.  If your tap drips when closed, or makes a vibrating sound when opened, the problem is most likely a washer or ceramic disk.    If not replaced, then the problem will get worse.  When replacing parts inside your tap, ensure the water is shut off at the stop cock or nearest shut off valve.  To access the washer or ceramic disk you need to dismantle your tap.  Make sure washer or ceramic disc parts are replaced with the exact size of the original one.

Another thing to look out for is worn o-rings, as they are another cause of tap leaks.  If you do find one that is worn, you should replace it.

Leak Between Spout and Handle

If you see water leaking between your tap spout and handle, then it could be due to a damaged o-ring within your taps spout. You will need to replace this o-ring.


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