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What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

Are you thinking about increasing the size of your property? If so, then you may be wondering what is a Mansard loft conversion is.

Mansard loft conversions is where a loft roof is modified so that the sloping part of the roof is almost flat (between 72 – 90 degrees), and the sloping front wall being almost vertical.  Because of this gradient, windows are built in the new roof as small dormers.

These types of conversions create the feeling of an extra storey rather than the usual loft conversion look.  Loft conversions are a great investment as they add space and value to your home.  You can get a rough idea of loft conversion costs here.

Did you know that the Mansard roof is also known as a French roof.  Mansard roofs date back to 1550, and can even be found on a section of the Louvre museum in Paris.  Mansard loft conversions involve extensive modifications to your roof, and can therefore be an expensive transformation.  They are suitable for a majority of property types, including bungalows, terraced houses, detached and semi-detached houses.

mansard loft conversion

Advantages of Mansard Loft Conversions 

  • Is the best method to maximise a loft space.
  • Mansard loft conversion make use of dormer windows, which flood your rooms with a lot of light.
  • Such conversions do not require much in the way of structural reinforcements.
  • These conversions consist of almost straight walls inside, meaning it will be easier to decorate and furnish.
  • Makes the loft space look like an extra storey, rather than looking like a modified loft.

Disadvantages of Mansard Loft Conversion

  • Can be very expensive due to all the modification of the roof structure.  In general they usually cost more then dormer or hip to gable conversions.
  • Will almost certainly require planning permission.


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