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Bay Window Fitter in Essex


Our bay window fitter in Essex wanted to share the following images.

Bay windows look excellent on homes, it gives it character.  They also create more space inside your home, flooding rooms with light.  Basically more windows mean more of a view, and these windows are unique as the view is within an arc.  A bay window can make a room appear larger then it actually is.

Customers Original Windows

Bay window soffit and cladding before

Bay window before

New Windows and Cladding Installed

Bay window soffits and cladding

bay window fitting Essex

Insulating Underneath

The customers bungalow was built in the 1960’s.  The bay window had a single skin brick wall underneath, even though all other house walls were cavity.  Single skin walls below bay windows are prone to damp.  Therefore, it is important to ensure the wall is insulation correctly.  If you need to insulate a single skin wall, then you may find this step by step bay window insulation guide useful.

bay window overall 2

Bay window close up

Bay window insulated

Dining room

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5th October 2018

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