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Bespoke Home Bars Essex


Warton Woodworks have created some fantastic bespoke home bars Essex and beyond.  We can help design and build your entire bar, such as the foundations, structure, interior and exterior.  All our bars are handcrafted to your individual needs, and finished to perfection.  Your bar could even have some quirky features installed such as LED light up shelving, phone charge points, wired network, disco lights and more.

Our highly skilled team cater for indoor and outdoor home bar design and construction.  Outdoor bespoke home bars are becoming increasingly popular as it keeps people out of your house during parties.  It is also very cool to have a separate building for your bar as you can then decorate the exterior.  Whatever the location, a home bar provides a perfect place where you can enjoy drinks with friends and family.  Or maybe you want your own space where you can relax and unwind after a hard days work.

Below are some real home bar projects carried out by the Warton Woodworks team.  We can either build your home bar from scratch, or do specific parts of it for you:

Garden Bar Foundations

It is vital your garden bar has the correct foundations to prevent it from groundwater and to provide stability.  Below are some garden bar foundations we laid for a customer in Essex.

Garden Bar Wall Structures

An outdoor garden bar exterior is usually built from wood or brick, wood being the cheaper option.  When it comes to outdoor bars, bigger is usually better!

Garden Bar Insulation

A lot of people who build their own garden bars do not insulate them.  This is a big mistake as no insulation means your bar will be cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.  An undesirable temperature inside your bar could make it unusable.  Fortunately we also have expertise in acoustic insulation too.  In-fact we even created a post about sound proofing a bar here.

bespoke home bars essex

Bar Interiors

Our team can kit out your bar with anything you want such as:

  • Disco lights controlled by DMX mixers.
  • Wired or wireless sound systems.
  • Flat screen televisions recessed or hung on the wall.
  • Beer and wine fridges.
  • Light up LED glass shelving.
  • Motorised Disco balls.
  • Traditional and modern drinks bars.
  • Themed decor.
  • Bespoke home bars Essex and beyond.
  • Quirky lighting.

Want to see how we constructed the bar below from scratch? If so, then you can view our building a garden bar post, which tells you how we done it step-by-step.

custom bar interior

bespoke home bars essex uk

bespoke bar interior uk

bespoke home bars essex

Bar Exteriors

If you have an outside bar, we can render or clad your building to suit your bars theme.

bespoke home bars essex

bespoke home bars essex

Interested in a Bespoke Home Bar Essex?

If you are interested in having an indoor or outdoor bar built, please contact us for a free quote.


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14th April 2020

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