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Brentwood Mobile Park Home Improvements


Below are images of some mobile park home improvements within the Essex region.  We was surprised how beautiful Dunton mobile home park is.  Being located in the countryside, it has a very relaxed vibe.  We carried out the following mobile home improvements:

  • New double glazing windows.  Usually people install thin uPVC windows especially designed for mobile homes.  However, due to the type of render applied, we was able to install similar windows you will see on a house.  It is now one of the best looking mobile homes on the site!
  • We installed a new front door, and french doors for the back.
  • An insulated render was applied to the exterior.
  • Internal walls were modified, making it more open plan.
  • New laminate flooring was laid.
  • New bathroom was installed.

mobile park home improvement

Are you interested in having mobile park home improvements done? Or anywhere else in Essex.  If so, please feel free to contact us.


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3rd June 2019

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