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Garden Bar in Essex


Are you after a Garden Bar in Essex? If so, then you can view one we have designed and created below.  Most people think about converting a garden shed or garage into a garden bar, but never quite make it happen.  Maybe you don’t know how to, or how much such a project costs.

Garden Bar Images

Below are images of a Garden Bar in Essex that we helped design and build.  The customer first designed their bar using Computer Aided Design (CAD).  Our skilled tradesmen then built this bar exactly how the customers visualised it.  If you want to see this garden bar project step by step, you can view our guide to building a garden bar here.

Building a garden bar

garden bar in essex

garden bar in essex

Do you want us to design and build you a garden bar? If so, please feel free to contact us.


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5th October 2018

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