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Kitchen Fitter in Laindon


Need a kitchen fitter in Laindon, Essex?  If so, then our highly skilled team can help.  We carry out kitchen installations anywhere in Essex, for both domestic and commercial customers.  Our professional kitchen fitters install kitchens to the highest possible standards. We are also keen to provide you with the highest level of customer service at the best possible price for your needs.  For more information about our kitchen services please click here.

Customers Original Kitchen

Our professional kitchen fitters completely transformed this kitchen into a modern and minimalist space.  We dealt with the whole project, which included knocking down of the brick built pantry, bricking up the window, tiling the floor and installing the electrics and plumbing.

Kitchen before

Images of Work Progress

The brick build kitchen pantry was removed, to create more usable space.

Kitchen pantry removed

Kitchen pipe

A window was bricked up to improve heating within the kitchen.  The bricked up wall also provided a surface to install an extractor fan to.

Kitchen window bricked

Self levelling compound was spread over the floor to create a smooth flat surface, ready for tiling.

Kitchen floor level

Kitchen floor levelled

Kitchen floor tiled

Finished Kitchen in Laindon

Below is the finished kitchen installation.  The customer was very happy with their breakfast bar, complete with stools.

Kitchen after

Kitchen complete

kitchen fitter in laindon

Are you after a kitchen Fitter in Laindon? Or anywhere else in Essex.  If so, please feel free to contact us.


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5th October 2018

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