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Loft Conversion in Rayleigh


Are you thinking about have a loft conversion in Rayleigh? If so, then we can help build your dream home.  We are specialists in converting unused loft spaces into livable rooms.  Our professional tradesmen pride themselves on attention to detail and outstanding customer service.  All loft conversions are completed to the highest standards.  Below is an example of a loft conversion we completed in Basildon Essex.

From design to planning, right through to completion, we will do everything for you, keeping you informed all the way through your project.  The loft conversion that is suitable for your home depends on many factors such as planning permission and the amount of usable loft space.

A Previous Loft Conversion we have Completed 

Customers like to ask about previous jobs we have completed.  You can view the bungalow loft conversion below here, which contains over 100 images of the project, drawing drawing to completion!  It may also provide you with some inspiration ideas for your loft conversion project.

Types of Rayleigh Loft Conversion

In the UK there are four main types of loft conversion such as:



Hip to Gable


The type of loft conversion that is suitable for your property will depend upon its shape, condition and structure of the existing roof, budget and permitted development rights.

Advantages of Loft Conversions?

  • Loft conversions are typically more affordable per square meter than conventional extensions.  This is because extensions require extra  foundations, where loft conversion usually do not.
  • By converting your loft you get to keep your garden space the same.  Rather then extending outwards.
  • Your architect can design clever storage space ideas into your conversion.  They can also make your property look very unique and interesting by adding certain features.  It enables customers to be very creative, putting their own personality into the project.
  • Converting your loft is a good investment.  The valve of your property after your conversion is likely to increase more than the money that was invested.

Building Regulations

Building regulations ensure your new loft conversion is strong and stable enough to support an additional floor.  The new structure must also adhere to fire safety rules to ensure people inside can escape in the event of a fire.  Sound and thermal insulation of the loft conversion walls and ceilings are also taken into account.

Planning Permission

Below are some typical planning permission rules.  In reality there are many more which may or may not apply to your property.

Loft Conversion Room Height

Once your loft has been converted, there must be enough room height for people to walk about.  Typically your existing loft would need to measure about 2500mm from the top of the ceiling joist to underneath the ridge board in the apex to suitably convert.

Roof Pitch

The higher the pitch angle of your existing roof, the higher the central head height is likely to be.  Making it more ideal for a loft conversion.


Is the loft large enough to convert into usable and practical space.

Want a Loft Conversion in Rayleigh?

Are you after a Loft Conversion in Rayleigh? Or anywhere else in Essex.  If so, please feel free to contact us.


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10th January 2018

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