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Man Cave Builder in Basildon


Are you looking for someone to build you a Home Bar or Man Cave in Basildon? If so, then we can help design and build the man cave or home bar of your dreams.  We can cover all trades, ensuring the project goes smooth as possible.  Our professional contractors can install a variety of bar features such as:
  • LED strip and disco lighting
  • Sound systems
  • Main power
  • Data connections
  • Solid oak bars
  • Modern style bars
  • Traditional style bars
  • Soundproofing
  • Thermally insulated
  • Recessed shelves that light up
  • Mounted TV’s
  • And much more! 

 Basildon Man Cave Project


The customer originally had a standalone single garage at the end of their garden.  They have always wanted to turn it into a man cave, but lacked the skills and knowledge to do it themselves.


Our team completely transformed the customers garage into a fully functional man cave.  They truly believe they now have the best garden bar in Basildon! You may be interested to see this Basildon Man Cave from start to finish here.
man cave in basildon
Are you after a luxury home or garden bar in Basildon?  If so, please feel free to contact us.


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27th May 2019

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