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Shwings in Chelmsford | DJ Booth


Shwings in Chelmsford use the freshest ingredients to create the most delicious Portuguese food.  We have tried it, which is why we know how good those buffalo chicken wings are! Not only do they sell fantastic food, they also entertain their guests with a live DJ on certain nights.  The staff in shwings are super friendly and provide a great service.

The real reason we are talking about Shwings is because we done a carpentry project for them.  We were delighted when Shwings first approached us with a request to construct a DJ booth.  Warton Woodworks designed and built the DJ booth below from scratch.  It was important that the DJ booth matched Shwings unique decor.  We also designed the DJ booth so it shwings out (see what we did there, he he), allowing easy access to the DJ equipment.  The main structure of this DJ booth was constructed from plywood, then covered with slices of oak sleeper.  As you can see, this DJ booth blends in perfectly with the surrounding decor.

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Shwings in Chelmsford DJ Booth Images


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12th April 2020

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