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Skirting Board Fitter in Wickford


Do you need a skirting board fitter in Wickford?  Our professional carpenters at Warton Woodworks install skirting board anywhere in Essex.

Skirting boards are used to cover the joint where the wall and floor meet each other.  However, some people forget they are also used for decoration too.  We like to make our customers aware of the different types of skirting board available to ensure it will suit their home.  For example, you can buy skirting boards of different sizes and profiles.  Our skirting board fitter in Wickford installed 5 inch Taurus profile skirting board in this living room below.

skirting board fitter in wickford

Are you after a skirting board fitter in Wickford, or anywhere else in Essex?  If so, please feel free to contact us.


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20th January 2019

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