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Soundproofing in Essex


Over the years we have carried out various jobs that have required soundproofing in Essex. There are many reasons why people may want to soundproof a single wall, or even a whole room!

When a wall or room is soundproofed, it actually means that there is a resistance to sound. In reality it is impossible to completely stop travelling, but you can dramatically decrease the amount that gets through. Warton Woodworks use various techniques to minimise sound transfer between walls, meaning you or your neighbours can live a more peaceful life.  We are always honest about the amount of sound attenuation you may get, and try and offer good value for money solutions to your noise problems.

Below is an example of soundproofing in Essex. Our professional tradesmen captured this project step-by-step, from design to completion. You can actually view the whole project here.  We have also written a soundproofing guide based on this project.

soundproofing in essex

If you are after soundproofing in Essex, or would like a bar like this, then please contact us.


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31st May 2019

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