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Wickford Loft Conversion


Below are some progress images of a Wickford loft conversion.  The customer originally had a two bedroom detached bungalow, but wanted to extend the property via a loft conversion or extension.  After a full survey of their property, we come to the conclusion that a loft conversion would be the most cost effective solution to increase space.  Making use of a existing loft space is typically a great idea, as it does not extend into valuable garden space.  Below are some images halfway through this project, with the dormer and stairs installed.  Our specialist team can turn your loft conversion plans into a reality, creating a home of your dreams.

wickford loft conversion dormer

Another Loft Conversion Example, Drawing to Completion

Loft conversions create additional rooms within your loft such as bedrooms, office or bathrooms.  The loft conversion that is suitable for your home depends on many factors such as planning permission and the amount of usable loft space.  Get more loft conversion inspiration by viewing one of our previous loft conversion projects, from start to finish.

Types of Wickford Loft Conversion

In the UK there are four main types of loft conversion such as:



Hip to Gable


The type of loft conversion that is suitable for your property will depend upon its shape, condition and structure of the existing roof, budget and permitted development rights.

Advantages of Loft Conversions?

  • A loft conversion can add a significant amount of money to your property.  You can expect to add more value to your home, then you invested into building the conversion.
  • Loft conversions can be designed to give you extra storage space.  Clever storage space ideas can help reduce the amount of furniture you need, creating more space.
  • Converting your property gives you a chance to be creative, and let your imagination run wild.  You could work with an architect to ensure your conversion if tailored to your exact needs.  For example, you may want a home cinema, a bar, or playroom.
  • They are good value for money, as the cost of a loft conversion could be cheaper than moving to a larger home.
  • Loft conversions typically cost less than extending outwards.  Also you won’t lose any garden space.

Building Regulations

Building regulations ensure your new loft conversion is strong and stable enough to support an additional floor.  The new structure must also adhere to fire safety rules to ensure people inside can escape in the event of a fire.  Sound and thermal insulation of the loft conversion walls and ceilings are also taken into account.

Planning Permission

Below are some typical planning permission rules.  In reality there are many more which may or may not apply to your property.

Loft Conversion Room Height

Once your loft has been converted, there must be enough room height for people to walk about.  Typically your existing loft would need to measure about 2500mm from the top of the ceiling joist to underneath the ridge board in the apex to suitably convert.

Roof Pitch

The higher the pitch angle of your existing roof, the higher the central head height is likely to be.  Making it more ideal for a loft conversion.


Is the loft large enough to convert into useable and practical space.

Interested in a Loft Conversion Wickford?

Are you after a Loft Conversion in Wickford? Or anywhere else in Essex.  If so, please feel free to contact us.  You can also read more about our loft conversion service here.


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8th January 2018

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