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Secret Rooms in Houses

There is something intriguing about secret rooms in houses.  If done correctly hidden passages can provide visitors with excitement, with the sense of entering the unknown.  Recently a customer of ours asked for a hidden room within a wardrobe.

What are the Best Secret Rooms in Houses?

Bedrooms are are popular choice for secret rooms in houses.  A secret room built into a cupboard can be a great storage for clothes, shoes and valuable possessions.  Such a cupboard would be similar to a walk in wardrobe, except they are hidden.  It is also the ideal place to hide if an intruder enters your house in the night.  Here are some other secret room ideas:

  • Library leading into secret room via a bookcase
  • Living room fireplace leading into a secret room
  • Trap door in the floor leading to a secret room
  • A workshop with a large wooden tool chest.  Once you open the tool chest there are stairs leading to a secret room

Example of a Secret Closet we made

Secret rooms in houses

Are Secret Room Suitable for everyone?

Secret rooms are not a standard thing that built into homes, therefore you need to be very creative.  Most people do not have homes big enough to pull this effect off.  Ideally no one should suspect there is another room in the house from the inside or out.  Therefore a good location is usually upstairs are within the centre of the house.  And then you have the problem of creating enough space in the secret room to make it impressive.  Secret rooms usually suit older house better as the layout is more scattered and unpredictable, making it easier to have hidden passages and rooms.

Creating your Secret Room

If you are converting a closet into a secret room, you should be able to do most of the work.  It may be a simple case of installing a custom fitting wardrobe as the rooms wall, but one of the cupboard doors is your entrance.  Whatever room you create, ensure it is perfectly safe.  This is very important because it is likely your secret room will have no windows.  You will only be able to escape via the rooms secret entrance.  Also if you were to have an accident in this room, no one would find you as its secret!

Ideas for a Secret Entrance

Whatever entrance you plan on installing, it must match the theme of the room.  It should not look like any kind of doorway.  You are basically trying to create an illusion.  Here are some secret entrance ideas:

  • Classic bookcase
  • Fireplace
  • Cupboard
  • Trapdoor
  • Wooden chest
  • Mechanical door mechanism


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