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Tips To Consider when Getting A Loft Conversion Done


We have provided out top tips to consider when getting a loft conversion done. When considering such a major transformation to your home, it can sometime be hard to know where to start.

1. Talk to an Architect

Talking to an architect is the first place you should start.  This is because architects are highly qualified people who can advise you on planning permissions and building regulations.  They can also weigh up whether or not your loft can be converted.  Or even tell you the potential space that can be created. 

Once you decide upon an architect, they can then create Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings for your loft conversion project.  These technical drawings are highly detailed, containing information about the existing structure, and the new structure to be build.  Architect drawings can also be sent to builders to get an accurate quote for your loft conversion project.  As the drawings contain essential information the builder needs to construct your project, such as the amount of timber, windows and insulation needed.     

2.  Choose A Qualified Loft Conversion Contractor

When it comes to projects of this scale, selecting the right contractor for the job is essential.  This step should be taken seriously, and is probably the most important part of having a loft conversion done.  You could have a very difficult situation if you select a company who are incompetent. 

Fortunately there are many techniques you can use to select the most ideal contractor for you.  Below are the most common methods:

  • Get recommendation via word of mouth, from close friends and family.
  • Do research online from social media websites.  If people have had a bad experience with a company, they are likely to spread the message online. 
  • Ask loft conversion contractors to supply a list of previous loft conversions they have done.  But don’t take their word for it, get a review from their previous customers.

3.  Get a Detailed Quote

Once you have provided a loft conversion contractor with your architect drawings, they will then be able to provide a quotation. Analyse this quote carefully to make sure all work to be done is listed.  It is very important that you and the contactor are both on the same page regarding expectations.  The quote will also give you a good idea of the budget you need for such a project.

However, during the course of the project, other unexpected expenses may arise.  For example, the builder may discover something he was not told about from the outset.  In such a situation he may have no choice but to ask for extra money to overcome the problem.  Therefore, it is always worth borrowing slightly more money than you need.

It is essential you received a detailed quote of all work to be done. For example, are they doing a full finish or a plastered finish? Then get them to define what they mean by those kinds of finishes, what exactly do you get for your money? Never assume they will do something that is not listed on the quote.

4. Duration of the Construction

Your loft conversion contractor should provide you with a rough timescale for the project.  Depending on the extent of the work needed to be done, you may also be required to leave your home on a temporary basis.  Especially if you are having your old roof completely removed. 

5. Research Loft Conversions

Research loft conversions online, or by simpler walking around your neighbour hood. Learn about different types of loft conversions such as hip to gable, Velux and dormer. You can also gather different loft conversion room ideas. Knowing more about loft conversions will help you make better decisions before and during the loft conversion process.


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Posted on 1st January 2021 at 10:02 pm


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