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Tips to Organise a Storage Unit Like a Pro

People plan to move from time to time. Sometimes, they have to move between cities or make a temporary move during a home renovation. No matter what the reason is, it is best to explore the self-storage options side by side.

Yes, it goes without saying that a storage unit is one of the best self-storage options out there. Not only is it convenient to use but affordable as well. While relocating, you must have noticed that you do not require most of the furniture right away. There might be some clothes and other household items on the list too. In such a case, it is good to manage your storage in advance. You certainly do not want to load up on a lot of things while moving out. Even if you are not planning to move, you can always make use of a storage unit.

However, organizing a storage unit might be a little difficult for beginners. Here are some easy tips and tricks to manage a storage unit like a pro to help you out.

1. Prepare a List

First of all, come up with a list of things you will be keeping in a storage unit. Now, it is up to you whether to store electronic appliances there, wooden furniture, knitwear, or quilts. You can pretty much store anything in a reliable storage unit. To find the right storage unit, you can search the internet with the keywords for renting storage near me and find multiple options that meet your requirements. In this way, you will keep a check on everything you have saved there.

2. Store Heavy Items First

It is one of the best tips you will ever get. When organizing a storage unit, always start with putting heavy items first. It means placing all the large furniture, table, or sofas at the bottom. By placing them first, you will have better access to delicate items, which will be in the front. In this way, nothing will get damaged or crushed while storing things one by one. If you have packed things in boxes, try to balance the stack, or everything will fall apart.

3. Keep Frequently used Things within your Reach

Keep in mind that you may have to revisit the storage unit when needed. You might need some of the essentials you have stored there. Therefore, it is best to keep such items within your reach. For instance, you may need some warm clothes according to the seasonal changes. By keeping them in the front, you won’t have to dive into the back and look for them. Many people struggle with finding things in the storage unit. However, this organizing hack will help you to find items easily with minimal frustration.

4. Go for Clear Bins or Containers

Who says you have to pack everything in cardboard boxes? Sometimes, reading those labels can be troubling. So do yourself a favor and opt for clean bins or containers to store things. They might cost you a little more than cardboard boxes, but they will save you so much time and effort. By keeping things in plastic-clear boxes, you can track what’s inside without twisting them open or digging inside. Consider this a one-time investment, which will be worth the few extra bucks.

5. Go Vertical

Do not get confused with the idea of going vertical while organizing your storage unit. Just follow the simple rule:

  • Stack up one box on another, like a vertical line.
  • Furniture items should sit in an upright position.
  • Store your books or other small items in a separate corner.

In this way, everything will be visible and right in front of you.

6. Install some Shelves

If you are running low on storage space, do not worry. You always have the option to install some shelves in the storage unit temporarily. You can add wire shelves or hanging shelves, whatever suits your interests. This tip will keep the storage unit organized, with added space to place smaller boxes.

7. Label Everything

Whether you are using cardboard boxes or plastic containers, it is recommended to label everything. One cannot emphasize enough how beneficial labeling can be. By using this tip, you will remember everything you have placed inside the unit. From photo albums to antique items, try to note down everything on boxes. Use a permanent marker so the ink does not dry out. Also, while placing the boxes inside, put the labeled side in front. By doing so, you will see every single label upon entering the storage unit.

Some additional tips to keep in mind will be:

  • Renting the right size of the storage unit, so it fits everything perfectly.
  • Use good-quality storage supplies, so you do not struggle with the storage process.
  • Place electronic items and cords in waterproof plastic bags.
  • Clean the storage space before placing and organizing everything inside.

The Bottom Line

By using these tips effectively, you will indeed become a pro at organizing a storage unit. Now, all you have to do is rent a storage unit and practice your organizational skills. Who knows, you might end up enjoying the entire process! Visit Reveal Home Style for some more storage tips. Also, Storage and Moving Tips is another good website for advice.


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Posted on 20th December 2020 at 1:27 pm


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