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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? If so, then you may want to try and avoid common bathroom renovation mistakes.  Such mistakes may appear mild at the beginning, but could cause a major disaster long term. Bathroom renovation mistakes can cost a fortune to correct, and also be very time consuming. Many people fail to realize that a bathroom is the only place in the house that is subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Bathrooms can become very humid, and experience a large range of temperatures.  Warm temperatures and humid conditions create a breeding ground for mold, especially if the bathroom lacks ventilation.  Bathrooms are in constant use, not only by you, but your guests too. 

Spend your money wisely.  Design your bathroom the correct way by avoiding these top 5 bathroom renovation mistakes: 

1. Inefficient Bathroom Layouts

A bathroom should have enough space to ensure one is comfortable while using it. The items to be installed in the bathroom should not occupy the entire space. Sometimes there is not enough space left for one to comfortably access the shower. So many bathroom designs have this problem of leaving the bathroom so squeezed. It is usually an uncomfortable experience to always squeeze yourself in the shower on daily basis. One should always be alert to avoid this bathroom renovation mistake by having a bathroom plan drawn to scale.  It is usually a good idea to have your bathroom design drawn up by a professional designer.  Many bathroom suppliers offer a free design service, which involves drawing a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) model of your bathroom design.  They will probably come up with ingenious ways to maximize on space that you had not thought of.  It will sure help you avoid a lot of bathroom renovation mistakes. 

2. Poor Quality Bathroom Products/Furniture

When it comes to bathroom furniture and fittings, you normally get what you pay for.  Although a cheap tap may look nice and shiny, it could have a poor-quality chrome coating.  Some metallic coatings may not be durable enough over a long period of time.  Some may even be more sensitive to harsh cleaning products such as bleach.  It is worth investing money in known brands when it comes to taps and metallic fittings such as handles.  If you want the best, then consider using stainless steel where possible, as it is very resistant to corrosion. 

Another important bathroom item is the shower.  Invest money in a decent shower with excellent seals.  Simple showers are likely to stay cleaner for longer then ones with lots of grooves and edges.  Think about how you will be cleaning your shower when you consider buying one.  Frameless showers are very low maintenance as they are constructed from less parts. 

3. Inefficient Ventilation

This is a probably one of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes.  Bathroom ventilation is usually a common issue and it is a complex one too. Many people tend to regard it as a minor issue. When a bathroom has an improper ventilation, problems will start arising. Good ventilation is always recommended to ensure moisture can escape from your bathroom. Inefficient ventilation can be a breeding ground for mold.  Also, lack of ventilation may cause more condensation to form, resulting in damp patches on walls.  Any materials within your bathroom that naturally absorb moisture such as wood could also become affected over a long period of time.  To avoid such problems, one should ensure that the correct size of extractor fan is selected.  We always recommend using extractor fans that vent directly to the outside, rather than recirculating ones.  Although extractor fans are essential, they can be noisy.  There are many types of extractor fan which are activated in different ways such as light switch, pull cord, motion sensor or even humidity sensor.  Personally, we prefer light switch activated extractor fans.  It means the extractor fan can be switched off immediately when leaving the bathroom, rather then a 15-minute time delay.  Fans that have a time delay can be annoying when one is trying to sleep.  Continue reading for more bathroom renovation mistakes.

4. Choosing the Wrong Bathroom Wall Tiles

This is another issue that is common among those who are renovating their bathrooms.  Did you know that some wall tiles require sealing? If this is not carried out, then mold is likely to grow within the pores of your tile material.  Always ask the manufacturer is your wall tiles require sealing before installation.  Another thing to consider if the tiling grout.  Tile grout is the most likely things in your bathroom to become moldy first.  Therefore, it may be a good idea to have less tile grout by installing very large tiles.  Also, you should consider of tile grout colors such as dark grey.  Not only do other colors look different and fantastic, it will help to hide mold that will grow in years to come.       

5. Choosing the Wrong Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom floors usually get wet on a daily basis, which is why selecting a suitable floor is important.  Most people underestimate the importance of bathroom flooring.  You don’t have to make the same bathroom renovation mistakes!

Wrong bathroom flooring is something that happens especially if you want to renovate the floor quickly. When the bathroom floor is made in a way that it doesn’t meet the standards required, a lot of losses are incurred.

If you are choosing tiles, then make sure they have a rough surface.  Installing smooth tiles on the floor can be dangerous when wet.  Non-slip flooring will help you prevent unnecessary injuries, especially when getting out of the bath or shower.

Also, it is important to use flooring materials suitable for bathrooms.  Some people think they can use normal laminate wood flooring.  However, they soon find out that water can penetrate the wood structure of this flooring, causing it to swell and break apart.  If you are after a laminate wood look, then we recommend using Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).  They are similar to laminate flooring as they are tongue and groove.  But the difference is the material, as they are 100% plastic and therefore waterproof.


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