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Top 5 Feature Wall Ideas

Are you tired of seeing your room looking so plain? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider our top 5 feature wall ideas.  When it comes decorating rooms, there are so many options enviable. This article will be your guide to help you make some changes at home without spending too much money.  Feature walls are easy to make and they’re sure to give your room a refreshing feel.  Done correctly, it creates a fantastic focal point in any room.  A feature wall is often used when the room has a fairly neutral colour.  There are so many feature wall ideas out there.  We have provided the top 5 feature wall ideas below.

5 Top Feature Wall Ideas

1.  Printed PVC Wall Panels

Looking for a unique feature wall ideas? PVC  wall panels not only look cool, but they are also water resistant and very easy to clean. They can be used in every room, even the bathroom.  They come in a variety of high resolution decorative prints.  Some of the printed designs include wood, slate, brick and marble effects.  Below is an example of a feature wall that uses PVC wall panels.  The one below has a photorealistic slate pattern images in high resolution (360 dpi).  Are you based in the UK? If so then you can buy the feature below from Amazon.  Be unique with PVC feature wall ideas.

modern living room feature wall slate effect PVC sheets

living room unique feature wall slate PVC sheets

Printed PVC slate effect sheet

2.  Decorative Plaster Finish

Another hot idea for a feature wall design is to use decorative plaster. It’s such a lovely starting point for decorating a living room or a bedroom. The good thing about decorative plaster is that this is it has a rich and natural look.  It also has a rich velvet and woven texture, making an original option for home walls.

3.  Dark Colored Feature Walls

Wall designs don’t always have to be about patterns. You can create a depth with a dark-coloured wall, for a dining room, for instance. A deep blue wall can make a point of being understated in a room of light walls as it creates a calm and depth. Below is an example of a black feature wall.  As you can see, it goes well with the stainless steel radiator and acrylic wall picture.

modern dining room wall feature

4.  Monochrome Look

Monochrome decor is an inexpensive way to make simple things look more sophisticated.  Such feature wall ideas are also easy to achieve.  It allows the decorator considerable freedom to experiment with different colours, that will most likely match with the monochrome feature wall.

5.  Deco Style

Talking about the “hottest” wall designs, why don’t you bring the deco style in this century instead? If you’re not familiar with the deco style, it’s a type of architecture that was first seen in France before the first World War. You can use a mix-and-match approach on one wall for your bedroom. It features not just one, but two geometric wallpaper prints. The first one is a timeless geometric honeycomb look (preferably in glowing gold, white and black) while the second one is an eye-catching copper and black design. These designs should form a headboard shape from behind the bed. The combination of the prints works because they have similar linear designs and matching colour palettes. These are just five ideas that are in my hottest list. Like what we always say, you shouldn’t limit your room’s design. There’s a wide variety of ideas and you can always experiment.


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