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Top 6 Gadgets for the Home

Warton Woodworks want to show off these Top 6 Gadgets for the Home.  Impressive your friends and family with these cool gadgets.  They will help inject much excitement into your life. We searched long and hard for the most unique gadgets out there. The type of gadgets that will get your friends and family saying “wow, where did you buy that!” Below are out top 6 gadgets for the home.

Top 6 Gadgets for the Home

1. Budweiser Beer Bottle Speaker

This beer bottle speaker looks so realistic, it really does look like a genuine Budweiser beer.  It can be connected via wire or Bluetooth, and it sounds great. The product comes with a USB cable so you can charge it up. The speaker it located at the bottle of the bottle. You can buy this Budweiser beer bottle speaker at the Amazon store.

Top 5 gadgets beer bottle speaker

2. Colour Changing Toilet Light

This gadget fits into your toilet basin.  When it senses a person nearby, its colour changing LED is activated turning the water in your toilet different colours.  Who would have thought that going to the toilet could be this exciting.

Toilet light

3. Battery Operated Flood Light

When it comes to outdoor lighting and security most people buy solar powered lights. However, these types of light are usually unreliable as they do not provide enough light or run out of charge due to bad weather.  Battery powered LED flood lights are the way forward.  You can count on them working every time, and most are extremely bright compared to solar powered ones. Also, no electrician is required to fit these lights. They can be installed by anyone in a matter of minutes. Simply select an area, then screw them in place. The battery powered motion sensing flood lights below can be purchased from the Amazon store.

Battery LED flood light

4. Neon Cactus

There is something special about neon lights, as they seem very different to other types of lighting. The neon light below casts a soft green glow in the silhouette of a cactus. Such lighting is great for house parties, quirky rooms, or even your own home bar! You can buy this neon cactus at the Amazon store.

5. Ice Making Machine

Ever had a party in the summer and keep running out of ice, no matter how much is in your freezer? The ice maker below is a good solution to this problem. This machine provides ice every 5 minutes in two different sizes. You simply fill the machine with water, then watch it push ice into the removable tray inside. Impress your friends with sophisticated cocktails loaded with ice. You can buy this ice making machine at the Amazon store.

Ice maker machine top 5 gadgets

6. Portable Air Conditioner

Are you fed up with those sleepless nights in the summer? If so, then you may have considered buying an air conditioner unit for your home.  Most people buy fans or open windows to tackle the summer heat.  But this makes little to no impact on your room temperature, as the hot air is just circulated around the room.  Having your own air conditioner unit is the only way to bring the temperature down dramatically to a comfortable level.  You may be surprised to know they are cheaper to buy and run then you think. 

Portable air conditioner units such as the one from Amazon below, can be purchased for a very reasonable price.  You can also learn How to Choose and Maintain Air Con Units.

top 6 gadgets


We hope you have enjoyed our top 6 gadgets for the home. All products were chosen for their high quality, reasonably price and usefulness, and excitability. Did you enjoy this article? If so, then you may want to view our full range of articles here.


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Posted on 23rd April 2020 at 7:00 pm

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